What’s Hot In Gaming?

Posted on Aug 6 2015 - 12:34pm by Editorial Staff

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Games That Are Hot Right Now

  • Call Of Duty – A first-person game that is thrilling and cinematic in how it is made. The quality is uncompromised, and the many scenarios and options keep about 2 million loyal subscribers per year. (Found on Google Play or 365 Games)
  • Clash Of Clans – This multiplayer strategy game has you build and defend your community while attacking and allying with others.
  • League Of Legends – This multiplayer game involves tons of players in its arena style battle game. There are approximately 27 million active players daily.
  • World Of Warcraft – Having been around for over ten years, this massively popular role-playing game actually holds the world record for having the most subscriptions of all online role-playing games.

Why the Hottest Games Are So Successful

They are engaging in a way that draws people in and gets them wanting to play for hours and hours in order to beat the levels or earn new medals, points, awards, money, etc., you name it. Every popular game has a main way to engage people and keep them coming back for more.

They are difficult enough to make people feel like they are accomplishing something, but they are simple enough to make sure that the players do not get too frustrated when they are unable to win or beat a level. If there is no challenge, it may be fun for a while and then people will feel like it is a waste of time and end up moving on to another game that is more interesting and challenging.

If the game is too hard, the players will simply get frustrated with the amount of time they have to spend figuring it out. There may be a thin balance here, and it depends on the time of game or gamer, but in general, a moderate difficulty and learnability will make a game very popular.

Gaming Trends and Recent Fads

Games which are not free have adopted their own personal currency or “payment” system that players get rewarded with but they can also purchase them in order to advance in the game faster. You can also find deals on games and their “tokens” or “coins” on Vouchers sites – VouchaCodes.co.uk.

Most games will get you hooked by making the first 3-5 levels move faster than the others so it is easier to beat, or they just take less time. This helps suck people in because they feel like they can play just a little bit longer to get to the next level. They will also pile on rewards that will make it much more worth it for players to stay on until the next level.

Mobile gaming on phones and iPads is becoming much more popular this year due to many games requiring that you be able to access it and “check in” to keep on top of it. Being able to have games at the tips of their fingers, players are happy to bring them along with them everywhere.

Higher security has been an increasing trend in the more popular online games due to consumers being more wary about what they download on their devices and how much they trust a mobile app or game. By increasing security measures on these games, people are downloading and playing more- they are also purchasing more within the games.

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