What To Do If Your Drivers Test Positive For Alcohol

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Alcohol Test

Everyone who runs a delivery business will need to be careful about matters concerning their drivers. That is especially the case if you suspect the might have high blood alcohol levels. We’re going to give you a step by step process for dealing with the situation today. The last thing you need is for one of your drivers to attract the attention of law enforcement. You simply can’t let them go out on the roads if you have any concerns. While it is their licence that will become affected, you will have to pay fines. That money could be better spent on marketing and growth. Also, it might attract some negative media interest.

Keeping alcohol breath testers on site

The law states employers do not have to test their drivers before letting them out on the roads. However, it’s still sensible to invest in a good testing kit. You are entitled to stop any drivers you think might be under the influence of alcohol. So, you need to get in the habit of making a quick assessment when they arrive at your premises. Presuming you suspect they might have had too much to drink, you should test them. It’s worth writing that information into their contracts so there can be no arguments. If workers fail to give a breath sample, you should spend them home. If they provide a positive sample, you should move onto the next step.

Using standard warnings and disciplinary procedures

All drivers working for your delivery company must understand the process you will follow. They are entitled to know what will happen if they test positive. That means you need to create a document that explains the disciplinary action your company will take. Presuming the driver failed to provide a sample, you don’t have any evidence. Most bosses would give them one last chance in that instance. However, you should fire anyone who tests positive on the spot. You can’t afford to continue employing such an irresponsible individual.

Dealing with DUI cases

Every so often, you might miss a driver who has had too much to drink. That means they will go out on the roads representing your company while they are drunk. There is every chance the police will pull them over and make an arrest. Your company will then have to employ DUI lawyers on behalf of your employee. That is going to cost you a small fortune, and so you should make it clear you are not happy. Indeed, most employers would fire their driver as soon as the case has reached its conclusion. In extreme instances, the driver might find themselves slapped with a custodial sentence. You don’t have to worry about anything like that unless consistent failings are uncovered.

You should now have a good understanding of what you should do when drivers are under the influence of alcohol. There are lots of advice services you can contact for more information. It’s sometimes better to pay for a business expert to draw up all your documents. That way, you know they are 100% official, and your company is covered. Just don’t make the mistake of testing all your drivers on a daily basis. They will soon get tired of that and begin to feel like they are being persecuted.

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