What Specialist Vehicles Are Available Online?

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Everyone knows that you can use online comparison and trading sites to hunt down your ideal car. There are plenty of guides as to the best ones to use, the best techniques to employ and the savings to be made. But the internet is also hugely useful for other, more specialist purposes. Whilst it happily hosts a huge number of great deals for the general markets, so much of the internet is focused on the more specialist areas. In the real world, one would have to travel extensively in order to visit a trader of this sort, but on the internet you will find specialist vehicles readily accessible.

Here are a few of the most interesting and unusual vehicles that are available online, with some tips on where and how to buy.


This is pretty obvious, but it’s a large specialist market online. Many riders know exactly what they’re looking for in their new purchase and they aren’t afraid of being incredibly specific. As a result, there are many websites which allow one to find a specific brand and model of motorbike. As with all other vehicles in this article, it is always worth turning up to inspect your new vehicle in person. Motorbikes are particularly at risk as they are high-value items which are often targeted by thieves.


Farming Equipment

Farming equipment is naturally becoming more and more expensive as technology advances. It is also frequently available online, as farmers seek to offload old gear in order to free up funds. You will usually find exactly what you need through a number of comparison sites, and be able to make cross-references with just a little bit of internet research.

Farming equipment will usually be significantly more expensive than your average car or motorbike, so it is extremely important that any purchase is well-researched. Sites like http://farm.autotrader.co.uk/ are particularly useful.

Camper Vans

Camper vans can often be vehicles with a practical and collectable purpose. Many individuals are devoted to finding exact models of, for example, the VW Camper in order to access a certain lifestyle and culture. As a result there is a huge online community as well as a market for pieces like this, where owners will buy, trade and sell at a reasonable cost.

These communities will often give you the best advice surrounding the making of a purchase, but it is still worth doing your own independent research. Think about what you’re after in the long run, and remember that an item such as this is both a hobby and an investment. You should expect for it to hold its value if you look after it well, so research into resale costs.


These are one of the more common specialist vehicles, however they too are readily available online. Whether you’re looking for a smaller minibus for a school or club, or seeking a larger professional scale vehicle, you’re likely to find what you’re after online. This is likely to be an extremely expensive purchase. And so it is worth researching around the brand and model, as well as taking a mechanic along to undertake some basic surveyance.

This is unlikely to be a personal purchase, so you should have no problem being detached and logical about it. What do you need from it? What specifications should it have? Be reasonable and stick within your budget.

Collectors’ Items

We touched on an area similar to this above, however there is a whole online market for collectors’ vehicles that cannot go unmentioned. The value and interest in so many items is defined by their particularity. So it is very common to find such items on the internet where they can be best accessed by their prospective markets. Often, with the vehicles that are looking to fetch greater sums, the sale will be facilitated by a reputable seller who has undertaken a degree of due diligence. But because the purchase is likely to be a larger one, it is extremely important that you understand what you are spending your cash on.

Items like this are first and foremost investments. You should think about whether you’re definitely going to recuperate your expenses in the long run. Are you going to make any money? How certain is this? If you’re paying above market value for the piece, why? Is the enjoyment that you’re going to get from it worth that much to you?


This is another strange sub-category, but it is certainly one which people frequently use the internet to research in order to understand. Transport vehicles, including trucks and vans are readily available online, and with more variety than you would find in a local showroom.

This is more likely to be a business-orientated purchase. Think about the needs of your business, and also think about the constraints that you are under as a buyer. The internet will allow you to compare untold numbers of vehicles in this way, however you will often have a deadline for when you need the new vehicle. You’ll need to be decisive at some point, making a decision to buy. You can often be more direct over the internet as you negotiate, so you may be able to save a fair bit of cash. But don’t push it too far, as you’ll want to maintain good will in order to ensure a speedy transaction.



Again, there is a huge market for boats online. All of the variety of cars can be seen in the nautical market, and it comes with with ability to make huge savings as well. As with other big money items, you should always be willing to travel in order to see the potential purchase firsthand. Never exchange cash without meeting in person and having a contract involved.

Be logical when it comes to buying a boat online. Think of safety first and foremost, encompassing the most basic aspects of what you need from the boat. Think about the maximum amount of money that you will spend and how you will be happy spending it.

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