What Role Are Your Leadership Skills Playing In Negotiations?

Posted on May 28 2014 - 10:14am by Davis Miller


How important are leadership skills in negotiations? Can they help our businesses thrive? There’s definitely a connection between leaders and negotiations; as a matter of fact, executives, CEOs, managers and company owners, should all have the ability to bargain. Poor negotiation skills will cripple your company and you’ll end up losing key customers. While some strategies are classic, others are meant for experienced leaders willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure the success of their organization.

Magic, luck and emotions don’t exist in negotiations. To really get what you want you have to do your homework, be disciplined, and always have a plan B. Your leadership skills are vital in negotiations. The first step in crafting a thriving business venture is all about having a brilliant idea and putting a team together to bring your concept to life.  However, a brilliant idea won’t take you too far if you don’t have capital. Lack of cash leads to stress, and stress makes people take bad decisions. This is where negotiation comes in.

Leaders are visionaries, they’re entrepreneurs who are not ashamed to sit down and negotiate a deal with potential partners. All you need to get someone’s attention is to convince them that your business is worth investing in.

Proper communication skills – your ticket to winning an investor

Efficient communication skills are a leader’s most powerful weapons. You must have a concise presentation style, convey authority and command attention. Entrepreneurs should use body language wisely. Don’t let your emotions get to you, and if you’re too nervous, keep your sentences short and to the point. Be an excellent listener and communicate with an opponent the smart way. Communication builds relationships in business, and since your business is just getting started, it’s good to have people you can confide in.

Strengthening leadership and authority

A competent leader must be able to spot problems, influence and motivate employees, make efficient decisions, and put the skills of their people to good use. How do you become an authoritative leader without exhibiting a bossy attitude?  First of all, you treat everyone with respect. Use negotiations skills to convince them that working for you will bring them a lot of benefits, and listen to your employees’ problems.

Using negotiation skills to control your team

Leading a team can be challenging, as a leader you have to make sure that your people’s decisions are sensible, productive, and accurate. Be ready to deal with all sorts of conflictual situations and negotiate a settlement. You may have to deal with conflicts between your team members, conflicts over company issues, and conflicts about decision-making. It’s best to be prepared. Exert your power and don’t be shy in letting your people know who the boss is. Do it gently though; you want to keep them under control, not chase them away.

Delegating – an ability leaders should master

Leaders should refine the vision of their brand in order to create an efficient and an organized business. However, to make that happen you have to learn to trust your people; otherwise, you may never move on to the next level. Trusting your team is vital; it’s not a sign of weakness, on the contrary.

Delegate tasks and don’t be afraid to let your team call the shots. Be organized, negotiate terms and conditions, and boost their morale with good advice to keep them engaged and motivated. The key to successful delegation is recognizing your team’s strengths. If they like the task assigned, chances are they will consider you a better leader too.

Leadership skills matter a lot in negotiations. Here’s why a trustworthy, committed, and dedicated leader has excellent bargaining skills:

  • Good leaders are outstanding teachers
  • Outstanding teachers inspire their audience
  • That audience is probably your team who thinks you’re extremely knowledgeable
  • Knowledge leads to better results
  • Results boost productivity
  • Productivity helps companies achieve success
  • Success makes leaders powerful business people

How developed are your negotiation skills? Are you ready to take things to the next level and help your company prosper? Inspire your team members, give them a reason to work for you, and find a way to convince them – through negotiation – that working under your command comes with an indefinite amount of benefits. Work your magic!

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