Ways To Boost Smartphone Productivity And Efficiency

Posted on Mar 8 2013 - 12:01pm by Editorial Staff

Mobile phones were always subjected to major changes in a very short period of time, but in the recent times they have not just remained gadgets to make distant calls. From keeping you hooked onto social networking sites to possessing the capability to save you more time and helping organize your work more efficiently smartphones are truly changing the definition of what we call a mobile phone. Let’s discuss the 3 features that would save you some time by playing smart:


1. Task Management

In a busy schedule you could forget a couple of things that needs to be completed. You can plan your tasks and see your schedule with the help of Toodledo. With the Aid of Toodledo you can categorize your work into folders and subfolders and differentiate between them based on priorities. It is designed for iOS but also works on Android OS with the help of some third part services. You can simply register yourself with the service and you are all the way to go and work towards making your smartphone productive. There are many more Apps like Pocket Informat (Android) available on Google play store for $9.99, Remember The Milk (iOS & Android) and Omni Focus (iOS) which are also worth the while.

2. Scanning Business Cards

When we meet new business clients we often get their visiting/business cards. It is a pain taking job to store them and retrieve them when needed. ScanBizCards is a free iOS app for scanning these cards and saving the data. This app can read the text and convert to digital characters and save to your contacts.

3. Email Responses During Transit

Staying updated is very important in the business to make sure work is done on time. Although smartphones allow you to check emails on the move, it is hard to reply back due to the small touch screens. In case any email requires an urgent response type short reply with the tagline “sent via phone” or reply with a telephone call.

Some smart phones might be introduced with Laser Projection keyboard inbuilt to make instant texting and sending email much easier in the near future.

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