Ways By Which Gmail Works Faster For You

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Long term Gmail users might often find their e-mail service functioning slower over time. If your usage of Gmail is purely for business reasons then it turns annoying to wait for mails to be loaded. There are several factors that might lead to the lethargic behaviour of your e-mail; here are some free tips to get a better user experience from Gmail:

1. Google Labs: The Google Labs might slow down the loading of your E-mail and sometimes also might spawn some error messages, it’s better to turn off these features for better performance. To turn off or On Gmail Lab features go to the wrench icon [on top right] choose setting and then Gmail Labs tab, here you can find the list of features introduced which can be turned off by disabling it.

2. Chat Client: There is an inbuilt chat client in Gmail which turns on simultaneously with your e-mail. Although chat helps in instant messaging, it eats up into the performance of the mail. You can permanently turn off chat by going into settings >> Chat Tab >> select the chat off radio Tab. This will definitely show improved results in the loading time.

  • 3. Messages per page: The lesser messages to be displayed, the faster it works. Go to Settings >> General Tab >> Maximum Page Size >> Select either 10/15 messages/ conversations per page.

4. Remove connected services: Generally we give authorization for 3rd party sites to access our Google account for contacts; this can also slow down loading. Go to the authorized access page to revoke the unused 3rd party sites.

  • 5. Filters: Filters are used to divert messages to their respective folders like spam etc. Over a period of time the list grows resulting in slower service. Go to setting >> Filters Tab >> remove irrelevant filters at present.

6. Browser Compatibility: When Gmail is launched it checks for the compatibility with the browser for optimized loading. Unless and until you have changed the browser or updated with a plugin it is not required to check for the compatibility each time you log in.

7. Themes: Customization of the e-mail by using personalized themes is fun but should not interrupt work. Some themes have heavy graphic content and take more time to load. So keep it simple by choosing the default theme in the settings >> Themes menu for better results.

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