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Posted on Jun 27 2013 - 4:27pm by Editorial Staff


Vine is the video incarnation of the micro-blogging site, Twitter. Launched in January of 2013, Vine was available as an app only on devices running the iOS until now, but has recently been launched for Android devices as well. Instead of snippets of text, Vine allows you to post short, 6-second videos to get your message across. One might argue the impact of a 6 second video, but so did we argue about 140 character ‘micro-blogs’ and Twitter ranks amongst the top social networking sites today.

While users of this new App are usually businesses and personalities who are including their Vine videos to supplement their tweets, educators are also looking at Vine as an opportunity to increase interaction with their students. According to the blog post at Online Universities, students at the Syracuse University have used this new App during a Twitter chat and even to promote and recap visits of guest speakers at the University. The App has also helped students interact more freely and regularly with their teachers and share experiences more easily.

Vine is likely to be a hit for Q&A sessions, How-To videos, short animations etc. The 6 second limit on the Vine videos is constricting yet liberating at the same time. There is no room for intro or conclusion and one has to make his point rightaway. Also, users need to look for innovative ways to attract viewers and manage to sell their story in those few seconds. Such limitations need the change of status quo and boost creativity. Businesses have already adopted Vine to sell their products and the education sector can find sufficient inspiration to get started.

Will Vine be as successful as Twitter? We don’t quite know yet. But, keeping it short, seems to be the success mantra these days.

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