Video And Humour Are A Winning Combination

Posted on Sep 5 2014 - 9:23am by Thomas Stocks


Creating a video is easy, but creating a video that brings in new customers, gets across your message and doesn’t over sell your product or service, is very difficult.

Some of the best, or most successful, adverts have been funny ones. This is because humour is a marketing tactic that can be used as a tool for engagement and interaction.

The audience can relate to the humour, they remember it and it builds trust between them and the brand. These three factors are what makes humour such a powerful tool for marketing and why it can be so persuasive.

We will look at these three factors in more detail:


When humour is relatable it means the audience will share the experience on a personal level because they can identify the subject matter of the story. The more the audience will be able to relate to the advert or video, the better it will be, and hopefully the more successful it will be.


As humans we have an interesting way of remembering things that we find funny. Perhaps there were some funny moments in the workplace a few years ago that had you in stitches or some childhood memories which still make you laugh today; we remember. This is a primary function of funny marketing initiatives which is why humour works so well.


Being humoured by a brand will form a trust between the two parties and will automatically improve the company’s likeability. The customer will be more likely to invest in a company that they like and trust and by using humour, the company can grow both of these. Appealing to customers on an emotional level can also influence the buying decisions of that customer too.

Humour is not only limited to video, as it can also be used in a number of content marketing techniques too. But, using humour through short clips or long videos is a great way to market your business online. Video is the perfect medium for creating funny content because it can appeal to large range of audiences and can be easily shared too, giving it a greater chance of going viral.

Humour and video can work so effectively together, especially online, that it makes for a great online marketing technique.

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