Vanity Cost-Free Increase Brand Recall and Popularize Products

Posted on Oct 8 2013 - 12:24am by Mrunal Khatri


Vanity numbers can spice up a toll-free number. There is a difference between getting a number that is easy to remember, and grabbing a number that relates to your brand, your product or your service. While a generic toll-free number with 1800 prefix shows the customers that they won’t be charged for the call, a snazzy vanity number works as a memorable advertisement for your brand or offerings.

How do Vanity Numbers Aid Branding?

The most common forms of vanity number are generic vanity numbers. For example, generic vanity numbers (and their variations) like 1-800-GETCASH or 1-800-ROOFING are wildly popular. Naturally, it is a lot easier for users to remember such numbers – such numbers can be memorized almost instinctively. But apart from such generic vanity numbers, toll-free numbers that end with the name of a specific shop, company, product, brand, service or person are also equally effective. Vanity numbers boost branding and promotional efforts in many ways:

# Everyone Likes Free Calling

Your clients can contact cost-free from any place without running up a big phone bill. If that does not encourage more individuals to contact your company, nothing will. This is because the expenses are borne by the business advertising of these numbers. While you pay for the number and the call, your clients do not have to pay anything.

Most clients do not like the idea of spending too much money by calling a business that may be located in a different state or country. By paying for the call, you show that you care. All 1800 vanity numbers are free, and people know this. The revenue produced from these numbers is more than enough to extract all your expenses many times over.

# Vanity Numbers are Unforgettable

A vanity number is no common telephone number. It uses mixture of figures and terms for improving the product remember value in outside advertising.The logic is simple: it is far simpler to keep in mind 1-300-PIZZA than 1-300-123. The key is using a suffix term that clearly explains what your company is all about should be your goal.

While it may not be possible for you to get numbers like 1800-EATPIZZA, it won’t be too difficult for you to get variations of the number. For instance, if you run a pizzeria, you can search for terms that people related with your brand. It could be the location, the color of your décor, the name of your chef, your timings, or any other factor. By attaching such term with your 1800 and PIZZA, you can ensure the memorability of your brand.

# Marketing Campaigns Yield Better Results

When people can remember your number better, and when they remember the name of your brand, products or services through your number, it helps improve your marketing efforts. Vanity numbers help you add an edge to your marketing campaign by sending a message through the number and words also. In addition to your taglines and sales pitch, the number also stays in the consciousness of the users.

As the number is easy to remember, and because people know that they it is toll free, they will be more likely to call you. This makes marketing campaigns more efficient and effective. A small investment in toll-free numbers can help you significantly increase the response from customers.

Vanity Numbers – Low Cost, High Impact

On the face of it, a vanity toll-free number may seem like a small thing to a large organization with big branding budgets. But when used well, it can deliver huge results in terms of branding and marketing. For a small business, on the other hand, a toll-free vanity number may look like just another expense. However, it can be a powerful tool for promoting brand, marketing products and building a strong image of your business in the minds of the targeted customers.

And the impact is not just in terms of branding and marketing. A vanity toll-free number is a blessing for growing businesses that may need to relocate. Even when you change your locations, the number doesn’t change. The number also masks your location from the users – people who may be uncertain about buying a product from a small business in a far flung location won’t have any hesitation in contacting a business with a 1-800 number.

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