The Value Of Informational Videos

Posted on Sep 27 2014 - 1:30pm by Editorial Staff


Have you ever taken a look at a product or service, only to be left unsure about what it was or how it worked? Corporate communications can feel like an oxymoron at some companies. There are many services that only make sense if you have an advanced degree and a number of obscure certifications. The technical jargon is sometimes so thick, it could be cut with the proverbial knife.

When pitching to consumers, the problem is compounded. Not only do they require a clear and concise description of your value proposition, they have to be able to communicate it to others via word of mouth. Your business depends on it.

Unfortunately, not every product or service can be boiled down to a 15 second elevator pitch. A better mechanism for communicating your service is needed. That is where a great informational video comes into play.

Easier Than You Think

Producing video can seem very intimidating to someone who does not have a lot of experience in the medium. The equipment for doing professional video projects can easily run into the tens of thousands. But you are not going to be making the next Transformer’s movie. You are going to be providing words and images that help explain the value proposition of your product or service. The skill-set and technology for doing that is a lot more accessible than you might imagine.

You can use a product like iMovie on the Mac to edit video, import images and music, craft titles and transitions, and do impactful voice overs. You can also spend several weeks learning that system and becoming proficient at it. There is nothing particularly intuitive about making a movie with Apple’s iMovie.

A more approachable alternative would be to use something like Animoto for businesses because video editing skills are not required. It is one of the online alternatives that is platform neutral. Making quality, informational videos does not even require that you fire up a video camera.

You can watch example videos that only consist of still images, titles, transitions, and background music. You provide the stills and the text. They do the rest. Tools like that remove any barrier to entry. Anyone can do it. Making an informational video is easier than you think, and takes a lot less time than you might imagine.

Selling the Value Proposition

It is almost impossible to sell the value proposition of your product or service in 15 seconds. If you try to boil it all down to text, you will end up with more text than the average, disinterested person will read. TLDR is Internet speak for, “too long, didn’t read”. This is the likely fate of a paragraph extending more than four lines, much like this one.

With the use of images, truly worth a thousand words, and the added power of narration and video clips, a use-case for a product or service can be demonstrated. When a person sees a product being used, they can more easily envision themselves using it. Value is more easily demonstrated than discussed. Informational videos are excellent tools for demonstrating value.

Creating a Sense of Familiarity

One of the greatest benefits of informational videos is that they create a sense of familiarity with the viewer. The recently announced iPay is a good example. Though not yet available to the public, millions of new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users already know how to use it. That is because Apple showed a brief informational video during their keynote that introduced the service.

If you just try to explain it to people, they may not get it. But when you show them a demonstration, not only do they get it, they feel like they are already familiar with it, as if they had been using it for years. That, along with selling the value proposition in a way that it easier and more affordable than you think, is the power of informational videos.

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