US’s North Carolina Becomes The First Town To Ban Hands-Free And Hand-Held Cellphone While Driving

Posted on Mar 27 2012 - 7:12am by Editorial Staff

Hands-free while driving from now onwards is no more i.e. completely banned – this is what US’s North Carolina town is experiencing. A town name Chapel Hill in North Caroline has become the first in the United States to ban the use of hand-free and hand-held cellphone usage while driving, reports News Observer.

Harrison, an avid cyclist, said much of the odd driving he encounters is caused by people distracted by talking on a cell phone. “[It] is not by people who are eating things or combing their hair or putting on lipstick,” he said. “It’s by people who are talking on a cell phone and not seeing me.” The ban defies an opinion from the state attorney general’s office that the town lacks the authority to prohibit talking on cell phones while driving.

Council member Donna Bell said the ban is a good first step. She said she hopes the General Assembly will soon follow with a statewide law. “I wish that this was broader, but I think that this is a first step,” she said. Whereas, Council member Laurin Easthom opposed the ban and clarified that it does outlaw talking on all types of phones while driving, including wireless systems in new cars. “If you have a Bluetooth, if you have a relatively new car with a dashboard that allows you to talk wirelessly, you can’t use it,” she said.

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