Useful Types of Mobile Apps For The Techie Senior

Posted on Jul 16 2013 - 3:12pm by Amanda Smith

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Technology knows no age. This is what we have come to witness as manufacturers continue to come up with products that cater to both young and old. Watching toddlers being busy with their own gadgets is not at all an uncommon sight these days. So it is no surprise then to see elderly adults keeping up with time and enjoying new the perks of modern technology through their smart phones of tablets, as well. Whether you are a techie senior or knows someone older who might be even more tech-savvy than you are, here are some types of apps that will surely be very useful.

For Medication

For just a few dollars, seniors can easily invest in good medication app. The best ones are those that function like a digital pillbox that sets off an alarm when it’s time to take medication, or a monitoring device for must-watch status like high blood pressure or sugar level. Luckily, there are a lot of options in the market. For iOS, the iDiabetis and Blood Pressure Monitor are designed to track insulin levels and blood pressure data respectively by providing daily, weekly, and monthly reports. The Pillboxie for iOS and Dosecast for Android also allow users to visually manage medication info by setting a reminder on when to take the right drug and in what quantity.

For Direction and Tracking

Tracking and navigation come very handy through this essential mobile application. There are a lot of GPS apps that are available for free via Google Play and iStore. For instance, the GPS Direction for iOS devices works as a compass by letting the user set a target location and instantly showing the direction and route to that location. On the other hand, seniors should take advantage of the GPS tracking technology, which serves as an aid for rescue teams, police and firefighters in responding to memory-loss related emergencies. Meanwhile, the PocketFinder App for Android boasts of its ability to locate people and objects. It’s great for families of the elderly to have peace of mind in knowing about their whereabouts. For the seniors, this type of application, including Find My Phone, is perfect in locating misplaced gadgets.

For Communication

One of the best things that technology has brought to man is its power to connect people around different continents. For seniors, perhaps just as important as medication is constant communication with family, friends, and yes, the reliable doctor. Socialize and keep in touch with important people through easily downloadable apps like Facetime and Skype. Both allow instant chat and video calling for free in smart phones or tablets. Another interesting type of app that’s made for seniors is the 5Star Urgent Response App from Great Call, which is uniquely designed to provide help with just a touch of a button by connecting the user to a response agent.

For Entertainment

From games to movies to music, bringing entertainment anytime anywhere is probably one of the most loved features mobile gadgets. It has dramatically changed how people access different forms of recreation, regardless of lifestyle and age. For reading, e-book reader applications such as iBooks, Kindle, Cool Reader, and Aldiko are very convenient. Whether it’s a recipe book or a classic novel, downloading thousands of books of different genres is very easy through this type of application. Going to the movies is no longer necessary as well with mobile apps such as Netflix, which allow TV shows and movie viewing for free or at an affordable monthly rate. For music lovers, Soundhound is a clever app downloadable to iOS and Android that helps users identify a song title and its artist simply by humming, singing or playing a track. Likewise, there are a lot of senior friendly options for puzzle game application, which is ideal for seniors who want to kill boredom while keeping the brain sharp.

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