US Air Force Could Buy 18,000 Apple iPad 2s

Posted on Feb 11 2012 - 7:10am by Editorial Staff

With sigh of many American Airlines has already gotten FAA approval last year to use iPads in almost all phases of flights – the American Air Force’s Mobility Command too will be putting in a request to buy the number of tablets soon in way of waving the pilot’s loads – the Air Mobility Command puts up a proposal to buy between 63 and 18,000 “iPad2, Brand Name or Equal devices”, Bloomberg reports.

The goal is to replace the bag of manuals and navigation charts weighing as much as 40 pounds that are carried by pilots and navigators, said Captain Kathleen Ferrero, a spokeswoman for the command. “The airline industry is way ahead of us on this,” she told Bloomberg in a telephone interview. “Most, if not all of the major airliners are already switching to tablets.”

The decision to choose which company tablet is still unwind up but US Air Force may buy 18,000 Apple’s iPad 2s, but the spokesperson they talked to, Captain Ferrero, said the request might also be for Playbooks, Galaxy Tabs, Xooms, or Nooks.

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