The Unsung Heroes Of Business

Posted on Aug 16 2016 - 8:04am by Editorial Staff

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In the breakneck speed of modern day business it’s easy for integral cogs of your company to go under appreciated. There’s an abundance of jigsaw pieces that must be perfectly fitted together for your business to run smoothly – some of them just happen to be at the forefront of you mind more than others. So here’s a reminder to dish out the proper amount of credit the next time you’re sending out thank you cards.


It’s possible that your business doesn’t use a pallet courier, but more likely you’re overlooking the fact that all of your products rest on the supportive frames of pallets. The next time you’re in the warehouse be cognisant of the durability, strength and pervasiveness of these pallets. Without the bed on which your product moves, the logistics of distribution would cost an inordinate amount of money.


While REM sleep may not be on your pay role, if you’re spending 33% of your life doing it you can probably assume that it’s pretty important. Our days have been getting longer ever since the wedding of handheld devices with our unwillingness to avert our eyes from objects that beam back at us having considerably delayed our sleep cycles. Insufficient sleep deprives us from the energy needed to complete all of our workaday tasks. So take the advice your mother’s been giving you since primary school and get more sleep.


In order to compensate for a condensed sleep cycle, it’s vital that you partake in a hearty breakfast. A grab-and-go breakfast such as a bagel and a muffin are unfit to fuel you until lunch time. The once stigmatised eggis now being recalled into the limelight due to its abundance of protein and nutrients. Eggs paired with the healthy starch and potassium of bananas can keep you energised and full until lunch comes around. Something as simple and enjoyable as fruit and eggs for breakfast keep workers motivated and sated.


Unless you’re by yourself in that vacuum of a corner office you’re probably working in the open air of other people’s work. Cubicles may dissuade people from conversing but they aren’t adequate noise reducers. Abstaining from listening or joining in on the conversation of others goes against our instinctual social urges. Headphones and other forms of noise-reducing objects are truly the smallest of unsung heroes in the workplace.

Employers are always looking for ways to optimise their businesses, but often forget to appreciate all the little things that have much more value than their price-tag suggests.

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