Unofficial Alpha Release Of Android 4.0 For Nokia’s N9

Posted on Mar 23 2012 - 6:38am by Editorial Staff

An unofficial public alpha release of the Android 4.0 for the Nokia’s N9 is available over NITDriod (via The Verge), stating a long list expected to work on:

  • dualboot kernel (without reflashing), ability to choose OS after power on.
  • 3D drivers, OpenGL
  • hwrotation (portrait mode only, accelerometer HAL doesn’t work)
  • touchscreen (multitouch)
  • hw buttons (volume, power)
  • ECI accessory (headset buttons)
  • USB networking
  • lcd off in sleep mode
  • alarm driver, RTC
  • mounting MyDocs as “SDCard” [realized; NOT FIXED, but HACK EXISTS]
  • basic video decoding (sw) and playback, youtube (choppy)
  • basic CellMo functionality: network registration, USSD, SMS, data (GPRS/EDGE/3G), signaling. Actually, ofono/ofono-ril stack is used: all things that it able to do on the n900.
  • bluetooth (scanning, can pair devices. I didn’t test deeper).
  • charging (note: without any notification in UI)
  • sensors: accelerometer
  • audio: playback (audio routing to: loudspeaker, headset or earpiece)
  • lights HAL (lcd brightness)
  • root access (via adb shell; su/Superuser.apk)

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