Unique Ideas For Highlighting Awesome Employees In 2017

Posted on May 18 2017 - 1:34pm by Editorial Staff

As the ball gets rolling on 2017, you may be looking for ways to freshen up how you recognize the efforts your employees are making. Here are some unique and simple ideas for how you can shine a spotlight on your team members.

Host Recognition Ceremonies

A recognition ceremony doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. It could be as simple as gathering your team together in the break room once a month so you can highlight the accomplishments of a few individuals and of the team as a whole. If you want to go a little further, consider providing a meal during the ceremony.

You could give out small prizes too. A gift card for a free coffee, a small plaque, or even just a printed certificate of recognition are all great ways to show that you notice what your team members are doing.

Once a year, you can host a special recognition ceremony. You can give awards for things like “Heart of the Office” and “Most Improved Employee” in addition to the regular awards, such as that for top salesperson.

Give Shout Outs on Social Media

Your social media accounts may mostly be for connecting with customers, but you can also use them to recognize your best employees. Amway’s Twitter account provides a good example of this. Whatever type of social media you use, take advantage of this platform.

You might even want to start separate social media accounts that are geared solely toward your employees. This is a good place to give in-depth yet public praise to your employees.

Another suggestion is to write a blog post about a particular employee. The post can talk about the employee’s work ethic and accomplishments, but it can also highlight personal attributes. What does the employee do in his or her spare time? Does the employee have any advice that could motivate other team members to perform better?

You could choose to do a video interview instead of a written blog post. This format can be fun and do a better job of conveying an employee’s personality than a written post.

Recognize Everyday Efforts

Within many companies, it is fairly easy to predict who will do well and who will struggle to meet expectations. Don’t limit your praise solely to those who are always the top performers. Recognize the everyday efforts of others who, although they may not be bringing in the most money, are an important part of the overall success of your team.

You can always find something good to highlight about your employees. There might be that one woman who is always there to cheer others up, or perhaps there is a man who always notices the little details in his work. Recognize these things with verbal praise and written acknowledgement. You could even set up a bulletin board where you and your employees can post little notes about what you appreciate about each other.

Trade Jobs for a Day

You’re the boss, but you should consider handing over your job for a day to an awesome employee. That employee might proclaim a jeans day or a work-from-home day. He or she could also host a potluck, give a speech at a company meeting, or take care of other small tasks that you normally do. To make it fun, you can even give that employee a baseball cap or t-shirt that says “CEO for the day.”

Of course, you’ll still see to the most serious aspects of your job while your employee is pretending to be the boss, but if you don’t have any pressing business to take care, you could take over that employee’s job for a few hours. This will let you interact with your team on a different level, and you could find new things to recognize and praise that you never thought of before.

Recognizing your employees’ accomplishments is vital for a productive and positive team. It can help you retain your best workers and create a good image for your company. Use the above ideas to highlight your awesome employees in 2017.

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