Unintentional Fall Fatalities Still A Major Danger In The US

Posted on Feb 2 2018 - 9:38pm by Editorial Staff

Safety and the preservation of life is an important issue for every person in the US, and there are many situations we are taught from a young age to look out for. These including violence, unsafe driving, and controlled substances. However, what we aren’t always safeguarding against are situations that involve unintentional falls, whether they be at work or in the home. Falls that still make up a significant amount of the fatalities figures each year. Read on for more information.

The figures

The most recent figures on unintentional fall deaths are 31,959 in the last year. That means almost 32,000 people lost their lives because of a fall. That is 10 out of every 100,000!

Remember, these people weren’t just injured, but lost their lives! Not because they were in a vehicle accident or had violence committed against them, but just because they fell from height and died because of the injuries they sustained. That is almost a whole football stadium full of people that unintentionally and unnecessarily lost their lives.

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Fall risks

Unfortunately, fall risks can be some of the toughest incidences to stop, usually, because victims are aware of them until it’s too late.

Some of the most common fall risks include falling down the stairs at home, off of ladders at home or at work, and even from balancing on chairs or other inappropriate supports to hang or repair items.

Of course, there are some forms of employment that come with an added risk of falling from height. These include things like tree surgery, window washing, as well as building and construction work.

What to do if this affects you

If you have a loved one that loses their life or be injured in such an incident, it can be a very difficult and distressing time. Do remember though that there is help out there for you.

Things that you may find of benefit include grief counseling services, as well contacting personal injury law office to look over your claim. Something that if successful can help you meet your family’s ongoing costs and help to pay off any medical bill, you have incurred.

Making a legal claim is also important because it ensures that any business or individual concerned takes the proper precautions and display the correct warmings from now on. An action that can help a family achieve peace of mind that this sort of tragedy is unlikely to issue again.

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Preventing falls

Of course, if you have suffered through this type of situation you will also be keen to ensure that this doesn’t happen to anyone else. This often means taking more care with safety in your home. Something that may include getting better and safer ladders, or employing professionals to come and do any building work at height.

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You may also wish to get up to date information on working at heights in your job. Something that can help you ensure that all the equipment used in the workplace is up to scratch and that warning notices are in place. Thus making sure that this sort of sorrow isn’t something anyone else has to suffer through.

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