The Ultimate Wedding Music Guide (Infographic)

Posted on Apr 9 2014 - 11:47am by Editorial Staff

We all love a good wedding, and one of the things that are often said it that the music can really make the atmosphere to any wedding. Choosing the right wedding music is crucial to setting the tone and style you want to convey on your big day. But, it’s not just the band you have to choose, but all the ceremony music, if you’re going to have music at your drinks reception, if you want a DJ, what song you’re going to have for your first dance, even what your entrance music to the reception is going to be.

One of the biggest musical decisions newlyweds often face is what to select for their first dance song. Many couples have ‘their song’ but many don’t. A first dance song tends to lend itself best to a slow waltz, but not always. Finding inspiration can sometimes jolt a memory you had forgotten about a song you used to love, or the song that was playing on the radio the first time you met. Here, we take inspiration from well-known couples who married in the spotlight. From Royals to Pop Stars, Super Models to World Leaders, Hollywood Starlets to Social Media Tycoons.

Getting married in a Church is still the most popular choice in the western world, but civil ceremonies are on the rise. In many cases, when marrying in a Church, ceremony music needs to be psalms or classical music. Much of this is largely dependent on your Priest. We profile our top ten choices for Church that are the safe but also beautiful options, when you want to keep things elegant and simple.

Of course, there are some songs that are played so often, they end up losing their meaning and we tend to find them overbearing. We profile the songs that are overplayed at weddings, beautiful songs for the most part, but not the most original choices. From Etta James ‘At Last’ to Franks Sinatra’s ‘The Way you Look Tonight’.

Recent chart toppers and crowd pleasers mean there are more choices out there than ever before for your wedding reception and our six sizzling selections of contemporary hits are sure to keep the crowds dancing all night long.


The Ultimate Wedding Music Guide

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