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Posted on Jul 27 2017 - 3:40pm by Editorial Staff

The power of mobile phones has taken over, as more people choose to access the internet via their mobile. It’s quick and convenient for when on the go, the question is how can you capitalize on this and make your own business website mobile friendly?

Don’t forget to have all technology in mind, designing with just mobiles in mind can leave out room for Kindle and ipad users. As apps can easily be accessed by these devices, have an idea how you want the website to look on all three screens as they vary in size.

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If your website is a local business or has a connection local areas you need to optimize your mobile content when it comes to local searches. Local Seo requires addresses, city and state names. If you feel unsure on how to go about going to devices, Net Focus Media offer a range of services to help you get started. Knowing how to use Seo for mobile can differ slightly than a standard internet website.

Begin by looking at editing your website or seeing how it can be tweaked to suit the mobile market is your best start and good research. If you can’t afford to rebuild altogether, start by seeing you can link your main site to a mobile site. If you opt for a responsive website it recognizes the device it’s being accessed on. This will then shape the screen to enhance the viewing size.

The power of apps has also grown over the years.Apps have slowly overtaken most of people’s mobiles due to the easy access. We can now order cars via them order food whilst buying a new outfit for the weekend. Researching into apps is a great idea, but the downside can be leading to fewer search results for the website as well. Resulting in fewer page hits.

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People aren’t sat in front of laptops as often, being on the go they want to access the information quickly and efficiently. They want fast loading pages, easy to reach information with great content. Keeping users happy keeps Google happy too, and you won’t risk leaving the search results.

Keeping a customer on your page with limited time, you want to have fast speed. If you don’t choose to turn your website mobile optimized not only will it load incredibly slowly, but not at all. This is the worst case scenario in gaining users, studies show if a page hasn’t loaded quickly a mobile user will leave the page in just 6-10 seconds.

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There are so many paths you can take to getting your website online. Whatever you choose, be sure to create a site that is compatible with your users. It’s best to try and connect to the mobile audience then ignore it. Social media and mobiles are on the increase and acknowledging this is useful to you and your business.

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