Traveling Across South America

Posted on Dec 10 2014 - 8:40am by Kimberly Lawrence

Forget about staying at home or investing money into home decoration. There are so many beautiful places around the globe you might not have seen yet but which you certainly should. If you think Europe is hot destination for this year, think again. I recently visited South America and I would like to share my experience with the world and tell the others just how much they can enrich their lives by traveling to South American countries. I visited Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Venezuela and would like to tell you all about it. After this quick review you might change, or at least delay your current plans for the next year and decide to follow my footsteps. I feel so much different after experiencing these fantastic countries and everything they have to offer. Warm South American people and their melodic language along with gorgeous places I have seen will stay in my mind for a long, long time.

Adrenaline rush across Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Granada, Nicaragua

If you are anything like me, you will want to try whatever is fun, unusual and exciting. If that truly is the case, you should not, by any chance, miss adventure travel. I myself went on a 14-day multisport trip across Costa Rica and Nicaragua and had the time of my life. Cycling itself is an amazing thing to do because you can truly experience nature and the atmosphere of your surrounding and not just spend days and hours merely looking at it tucked behind a glass window of your car or a bus. You will be able to breathe in deeply the smell of nature and the take in that special scent every country has, especially this tropical paradise. Once you try travelling like this, you will never ever want to stop. Surfing is also incredible and, if you have a patient instructor, not difficult to master. Places we visited, mountains and volcanoes we’ve seen and mesmerizing beaches we’ve been to will forever stay in my mind. People were incredibly friendly, their food was delicious (even more so because I was so hungry from all the cycling, walking, sun tanning and surfing) and I slept like a baby every night.  When we visited Nicaragua, as promised, we went to city of Granada where I couldn’t stop walking through the cobbled streets and I had the desire to visit every single ancient church I saw.  I simply fell in love with it.

Wonderful Venezuela

Canaima, Venezuela - panoramic view

Going south, you shouldn’t miss Venezuela and explore its hidden secrets. What most people actually know of Venezuela? Well, its president is energetic and, um… What Venezuela has to offer to tourists is not well known, but if you do get a chance to go there, by all means do! It’s amazing what you can do in this country! Canaima National Park has so much to offer, but what interested me the most were The Angel Falls, the highest waterfalls in the world hidden deep in the jungle. I was lucky to be there in the spring, since our tour guide informed us that during the rainy season it is practically impossible to approach the place, and when it’s dry for a long time the only thing you can see is a trickle. While I was travelling, I also visited La Isla Margarita (Margarita Island) which is located just north of the Venezuelan coastline. I went windsurfing and scuba diving, but what I really enjoyed was the nightlife. It felt good to hang out with a lot of people after being away from home for a while. Locals informed me that I should stay away from Caracas, the capital, since it is not really safe for tourists and I advise all of you to do the same. I don’t want to scare you, but better safe than sorry, right?

Magical Costa Rica

Costa Rica, beach

What amazed me most in Costa Rica were the people. They call themselves Ticos because of the ‘ico’ diminutive ending they add to pretty much everything like: “Un momentico, por favor” (Just a little minute, please) or “chiquitica” (nice little girl). They are incredibly friendly and I enjoyed getting to know them. Since I am well-known adventure sports lover, I tried zip-lining in Costa Rica (canopy tour). Sky Trek, the highest and longest zip line, is located in Monteverde and is incredibly fun! However, the downside is that there aren’t any animals left in the area because of all the screams and activity going on (oh, go ahead, try not to scream while you’re zipping through the air with the speed of 30 miles per hour 100 feet from the ground!).The first step off the platform makes your heart speed up and leaves your mind completely blank. Nevertheless, safety first: talk to your instructor and ask them about safety of the equipment just in case.

Going on an adventure travel will make you more independent and confident. Your home and everything familiar is behind you, and you must find your courage to keep going. Change the way you see the world and explore it as much as you can.

About the Author

Kimberly Lawrence is a twenty-something freelance writer and translator with an ambitious goal to travel the world and a slightly less ambitious goal to share her traveling stories with thousands of readers.