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Indonesia is truly one of the most unusual places on earth. Located on an archipelago of islands in between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific and with Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and Australia as neighbors it’s easy to see why. There you can expect hot tropical weather, Elephants, Komodo Dragons, palm trees, plenty of beaches and crystal blue oceans. Combine this with a rich culture, history and cuisine it’s pretty hard to resist Indonesia’s charms. Although,  to get the most out of your trip you will need to narrow down the sites that you most want to see, and plan out your journey, as things are pretty spaced out. With that in mind, read on for some info on three of the best locations in Indonesian to visit.

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Where better to start your journey that is Indonesian capital Jakarta? It’s a large, bustling city, and it is truly a place of contrasts too. With a modern, clean centre, beach resorts and less prosperous areas on the outskirts.

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However, for the visitor, there are a few places that you will definitely want to visit when you are there. A great place to start is the Ragunan Zoo. A zoo that is designed to closely resemble the tropical environment of the rainforest, and so be like the resident animals natural habitat. There you will find Tigers and Elephants as well as Gorillas. There is also a public swimming pool so you can take a dip to cool off, as well as restaurants and coffee places where you can take a quick break before continuing.

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Another super popular site to behold in Jakarta is the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, visit for opening times. This is a great theme park based on Indonesian culture. There you will find all sorts of attractions that will appeal to the young and old like a water park and a custom made castle.  There is even a mini model of the islands in the lake at the centre of the park.

As Indonesia is a Muslim country you would expect there to be places of worship dotted around, but one place that in particular, you shouldn’t miss is the Istiqlal Mosque. This is one of the largest mosques in the world, and it’s modern in design, size and scale make it truly imposing. It’s pretty easy to reach from the train station too, just take the KRL train, something you can find more about at

Of course, to do all of these things you’re going to need more than a day or two in Indonesia capital, and that means finding some accommodation that is both comfortable and suits your budget. One solution is to is to stay at the Jakarta beach resort. A place choked full of modern, comfortable hotels, pools and, long stretches of sandy beaches. Making it a perfect place for squeezing in some relaxing time, in between all of you exploring.

Although, many folks choose to stay in the city so they are close to everything, and can fit in as much as possible. If this is what you would prefer to do, then it’s likely you will be pleasantly surprised by the reasonable prices for a mid range room in a modern and clean establishment. See for more details.


With a population of over 2 million, Bandung may not be as well known outside Indonesia like Jakarta, but it still definitely worth a visit. While there, it’s recommended that you spend a day at Tangkuban Perahu, a still active volcano. Here you will find some amazing and exciting natural landscapes to explore, as well as some volcanically powered hot springs. Although, do be aware that it’s quite a walk down into the mouth of the volcano, so it may not be best for those with mobility issues.

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Then there is Braga Street, the style and trend capital of Bandung. This is where you will find the chicest shops, cafes and restaurant to explore. It can get pretty busy here in peak time, so do think carefully about when you visit. Unless you are happy to get a seat in a cafe and watch the world go by until the crowds thin out a bit.

Lastly, one of the most stunning sites in the Bandung region to see is the Stone Garden in Citatah. Yes, it is another hike, but the effort is well worth it as once you are at the top. As there you can see for miles and miles. The view itself is unbroken and so beautiful, check out for some of the pictures to demonstrate. In fact, it is so perfect that it makes a wonderful place to meditate, draw, paint, or even get those all important holiday snaps for the album when you return.

In term of places to stay in Bandung, you will find the nightly prices even more reasonable in that in Jakarta. The accommodation is pretty modern and clean too, so for the one time visitor, it’s the perfect solution. Of course, if you fall in love with the place, as many do, you may want to look into a more permanent accommodation solution. Something like the villas here at that are available in the Bandung region. Some even have their own private pools, making them the perfect vacation retreat for when you want to escape to somewhere truly tropical.


Lastly, no guide to glorious Indonesia would be complete without mention the beautiful and spectacular Yogyakarta. Steeped in cultural history and heritage; this small city on the island of Java is home to some truly spectacular sites.

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Including Taman Sari Water Castle a historical, royal bath complex full of intricate carvings and interesting structures. Then there is Prambanan. Dating back to 850 AD this famous Hindu temple complex is one of the best known the world. Some of the buildings lie in ruins, while others are still in their full glory. To get the most out of the site, it can be helpful to pay for a guide. Oh, and do remember that watching the sunset in this location is a must for all travelers to do lists. Luckily you can visit sites like to book a tour that will include this experience.

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Lastly, if you are exhausted from all of that exploring then why not treat yourself to some rest and relaxation at the stunning Pok Tunggal Beach? While some folks complain that getting there down the narrow road is difficult, the fine yellow sand and the warm blue sea more than make up for it once you arrive. It’s also pretty well kitted out with facilities too like toilets, and even plenty of stalls to buy snack and drinks at. Making it a very low effort day out in a very beautiful place.

Of course, as Yogyakarta is on an island it’s best to stay a few nights to get a feel for the place, as well as giving you enough time to do all things that you want. The accommodation prices in  Yogyakarta maybe a little higher than in Jakarta and Bandung, perhaps because of the island location, but you can certainly expect luxury for your money. In fact, in a similar vein to many Indonesian hotels, you will find places with sky top bars, and both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. This, combined with the airfare from Jakarta being only around $60, probably even cheaper if you use the latest tech, mentioned at, it certainly makes Yogyakarta a welcome and affordable addition to any Indonesian break.

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