Traditional Mexican Foods

Posted on Apr 15 2014 - 9:41am by Amy Labbadia


One of the main reasons tourists flock to Mexico year after year is because of its delicious and inventive cuisine, the roots of which can be traced back thousands of years. Endlessly delicious, the traditional Mexican foods is all about simple ingredients cooked to perfection. Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer something more savoury, you’re guaranteed to find something utterly divine to feast upon.


There are a near endless variety of tamales, but they all have one thing in common: they are delicious!

Usually wrapped in corn husks, tamales come filled with meats such as chicken or chorizo, or vegetarian chile. They are potentially Mexico’s number one street food, and are designed to be eaten out and about; there are even sweet tamales if you fancy something different for dessert.

Tamales are a great versatile snack, and can be made to accommodate both vegetarians and vegans, making them incredibly popular all over the world. 


Guacamole is probably one of Mexico’s most common side dishes. Dating as far back as the 16th century, guacamole was originally eaten by the Aztecs and is now enjoyed all over the world. Made by mixing ripe avocados with seasoning and in some cases onions and tomatoes, guacamole is the perfect accompaniment to tacos, enchiladas or even in salads.

Although already made guacamole can be bought from stores, it is best enjoyed when freshly prepared – luckily it is super quick and easy to make yourself. 


Roughly translating into “smothered with chile”, enchiladas can take many scrumptious forms. One of the most popular configurations of this dish is baked tortilla wraps smothered with chile, resulting in a tasty and comforting stomach-pleaser.

Enchiladas have been embraced across the western world now, including America and the UK, where various delicious toppings are added for culinary enhancement, such as fried onions and lots of cheese. 


A very popular dish throughout Mexico, Esquites is a delicious Mexican snack that you are bound to love. Meaning “toasted corn”, Esquites consists of corn boiled in salted water and sautéed with onions, chillies and various other goodies. It is mainly served in shops and market stalls, making it the perfect snack to enjoy on the go.

Esquites is usually garnished with lime juice, mayonnaise and chile powder, but can vary from recipe to recipe. It is also extremely easy to make yourself, and can be customised to your individual taste. So, whether you like it hot and spicy or cool and tangy, this delicious snack can be made to suit your taste buds. 


Perhaps one of the most delicious creations in the entire universe, churros are a delectable sweet treat made from fried dough pastry. Churros come in many different forms, from long strips to knots of fried deliciousness. Traditionally they are served alongside hot chocolate or coffee:the perfect accompaniment for dipping.

Churros are commonly served in countries like Spain and Brazil, although Mexico is famous for serving churros which are filled with dulce de leche, a confection made by heating milk, resulting in elevated yumminess.

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