Traditional Marketing Methods That Companies Still Swear By

Posted on Jun 26 2018 - 2:55pm by Editorial Staff

With everything going online, it can be difficult to choose whether you should promote your company via traditional methods such as print or merchandise. Although some companies may not feel they need these techniques any longer, there are still industries where this type of advertising is still a prevalent part of their business plan. Organizations that attend lots of conferences, for example, need objects and merchandise that potential customers can take away from the event to give them a little reminder about who they spoke to. For other businesses, this type of advertising is vital for attracting the attention of local people in prominent places such as shopping malls or grocery stores.

If your company is still deciding whether to budget for traditional marketing or go fully digital, check out these top methods that some industries still swear by to bring in more custom.

Promotional merchandise

This area of marketing is still big business due to companies wanting something tailored to their brand for a variety of reasons. Events such as conferences and exhibitions are ideal for promotional products. You could, for example, giveaway custom water bottles with your brand name and logo printed on the bottle. Because of the practicality of the this object, people are likely to use it when going to the gym, running outside, going for a hike or even at the office. Never underestimate the brand exposure the right merchandise can do.

Print advertising

Both small and large businesses can benefit from print advertising, and there are a number of ways that you can appear in front of different audiences. Popular methods include magazine and newspaper adverts, as well as promotional brochures. This method is excellent for a small business trying to appeal to local people. Although digital marketing is great for worldwide exposure, if you’re looking for local custom, then print advertising can be effective.

Direct mail

Printed mail such as flyers, postcards, catalogs, and letters are still a popular method for businesses that want to appeal directly to people through their mailbox. This technique can be tailored to local areas or widespread rollout depending on budget. This is also an excellent way for companies to include coupons to use in stores and makes people more likely to visit when they can get a good deal.

Broadcast adverting

TV and radio advertising is big businesses, and if your company has the budget, getting in front of this audience can be hugely beneficial for your brand. Everyone has seen just how much a slot during the Super Bowl broadcast commands, and these brands reap the benefits of this promotion during this hugely popular sporting event. This type of advertising can be costly, but investing in the right time slots and channels can bring your company to a wider audience and huge publicity.

Traditional marketing methods are employed by some of the biggest companies in the world, and they are yet to disregard this opportunity just because digital media is becoming the go-to for marketing. By looking at your options and exploring how this type of marketing could support your business, you’ll be in a more prominent position both on and offline.

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