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Posted on Jul 26 2013 - 8:12pm by Richard Parker


Text marketing is gaining in popularity for big name brands to get their company messages across. It allows them to communicate with their customers in a different way and even offers them the opportunity to pass exclusive discounts along to them. Sometimes companies just get it spot on and deliver a unique and memorable text campaign. Here are just a few of the best.

Orange Wednesdays

Launched in 2003, this campaign allows customer on the EE (formerly Orange and T-Mobile) mobile phone network to get two for one cinema tickets every Wednesday. Simply by sending a text message, customers receive a code that they then show at the cinema. The invention of this campaign made Wednesday one of the most popular days of the week to visit the cinema, having previously been one of the quietest. It’s thought that an estimated three million more people now visit the cinema every year.

Two For Tuesday

Tuesday’s suddenly became a very popular day to stay in when Domino’s launched it Two for Tuesday deal in 2009. Customers could get a free pizza when they purchased another one and they were reminded as such by a marketing text sent out by Domino’s on a Tuesday. Their marketing messages have also been known to go out on other days of the week, offering customers various deals and discounts.


The PPI (payment protection insurance) scandal saw an explosion in the number of companies claiming to be able to get your money back. These companies would send you a text telling you that you could claim your money back and attach a telephone number for you to call. If you were owed any money, they could help you in your fight to get it back.

O2 Priority

The Priority Moments campaign is exclusive to O2 customers and gives them the chance to get gig tickets, access to sports events and a mixture of discounts and free products from some of the biggest names on the high street. You can opt to receive marketing messages from them telling you what’s on offer and sending you a link to sites where you can purchase products from. One such successful example was when O2 offered priority tickets to Beyoncé’s gigs for their customers before tickets came on general sale.


In 2007, BMW created a text marketing campaign for the 117,000 people who bought new BMWs in Germany. The brand was trying to encourage sales of winter tyres, an essential and legal requirement in Germany. Messages were sent out that contained a mock-up of the customer’s car, complete with the right colour and current wheels. Customers could then follow a link to the BMW mobile website, allowing them to choose from other variations. The campaign saw conversion rates of around 30 per cent and is thought to have made the car giant around $45 million (£29.3 million).

These campaigns show just how powerful text marketing can be when it’s done correctly. Ultimately, all of these companies will have seen increases in profits and certainly gained a return on their initial investments. Getting the message right is the key secret of success for text marketing campaigns

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