Top 10 Common Wedding Guests Complaints To Avoid

Posted on Jun 20 2014 - 8:51am by Mansoor Shaikh


As it takes 2 to tango, the same goes with marriage.  It is that knot which not only binds two people together, but also their respective families. A typical Indian wedding would have huge guest list, sweets, music and high voltage excitement as its prominent factor. Holding this once in a lifetime event in best wedding halls with lavish decor, with good food is what every couple looks forward to do as a host. But even with all these features, one shall find guests leaving the wedding unsatisfied and full of complaints.

Here Are A Few Complaints That Your Guests May Have With Your Big, Fat Indian Wedding With Some Easy Solutions.

Inconvenient Date

As a guest each one of us have some where or the other complained about this. As host your wedding date is the most important day in your life and your guests are the ones with whom you want to share this happiness with. Many organize their weddings on days of national, festive and other local holidays. But these are the days when one gets a long deserved break form their hectic work schedule and may have planned up a small trip, vacation with family and friends well in advance. So if your date clashes up with these plans of your guests, they are forced to make a choice amongst the two.

Solution: What can be done in such case is if you have planned a wedding on any of these holidays then make sure you send your save the date cards 6- 7 months in advance to avoid such situation.

Bad Weather

Climate is another aspect which can make your guests upset. If you have planned up on a date somewhere in the month of June or July, there are chances that rains may spoil your grand plans. In case of winters, there are many cities where temperature suddenly drops down to run chills down your spine. And if summers are to be talked about, there are cities where temperature soar up to 45-50 degree celsius. Bad weather can really annoy the guests and make them re think to attend your wedding.

Solution: Plan the date keeping in mind the season in which it is going to be held. Make the necessary arrangements in the wedding hall. Like in case of summers book an air conditioned wedding hall, for winters have heaters placed to keep the temperature balanced.


Time also plays a decisive role for the guests. In case of morning weddings held on week days would mean they would have to go in for half day leave to make it up to your day. Afternoon wedding and they will have to take a full day leave. Also in months of April- May, the peak months for holding marriages, afternoon  time would drain them out with sweat and heat. So make sure you keep all these factors in mind before deciding on the time.


Where is your wedding venue located and the transport facilities available in the city is one thing that should be kept in mind. Many of the guests do not attend weddings when the venue is located at one end of the city, with bad transport facilities. So plan on the venue which is more centrally located and easy to commute.

These Were Some External Factors That Upset The Guests. 

Now Here Are Some Internal Factors That Frown Them.

Last Minute Invitation

No one likes to be called for functions on the very last moment. There are times when these invites reach a day or two before the wedding date. And this definitely does not make you a good host. Make sure you post or courier these invitations well in advance so that it reaches them at least a month before the date.


Indian weddings and unpunctuality go hand in hand. We have long processions with groom and his family dancing to the tunes of a band till the venue. This can really take a lot of time and may land up the main function start way ahead of what was planned. Make sure all such functions are arranged on proper time to avoid delay in other functions.

Un-ending Photos

A picture definitely speaks thousand words. And when it comes to marriage, these are those moments that can be relived only with the help of these photos. But your never ending photo shoot could make your furious guests leave the function un attended. Everyone’s time is valuable, if your guests have come to attend your big day do not make them re think on that. The solution here is you could continue your photo shoot either before the guests arrive or after they leave. This would really save up on their time and feel connected to your wedding.


Everyone looks upto to your wedding menu. Bad quality, taste and service of food would really disappoint your hungry guests and make them pick up a burger from a local joint. It is necessary that the caterer you contract with is tried and tasted before. The menu that you wish to keep should appeal the guests. Have your caterer give you a taste of the wedding menu before you finalize on it.

Seating Arrangements

Whether your reception venue is small or big, bad seating arrangements make it difficult for guests to stick around. Make sure that the seating arrangements are done in such a way that there is enough room for every guests to sit comfortably.

The Thank You Note

It is way to rude for a couple to not thank their guests.  The etiquettes of being a good host requires you to personally attend each table and thank your guests in brief for gracing themselves for this day. It would take 5 minutes per table. So make it a point that you personally meet your guests and thank them.

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