Top 7 Fantastic Family Friendly Destinations In India

Posted on Sep 2 2014 - 8:44am by Victoria Andrea


If you are planning a family vacation in India, there are seven places that you do well to visit, these are listed below:


This has been described as the valley of fun. There are many things that you could whilst you are in the valley of Kashmir- camping, water rafting, trekking etc. There are a number of resorts in Kashmir and the area can be divided into four Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Sonmarg andSrinagar.


This is a place that is in the state of Kashmir and is the place that you go to when you are looking for an adventure. You will need to acclimatize for temperatures can go as high as some 30 degree Celsius. Attractions to this place include a stupa and a number of lakes such as Pangong, Tso Moriri and the Nubra Valley.


This is a hill station that has a rich view of snow covered mountains, a scarlet blue skyline and a perfect setting for a romantic excursion or families get together. Attractions to this place include Rahall falls, the Handimba temple and the Solang valley.


This has been described as the urban summer destination. This is the ideal place for a family holiday for the simple reason that it has a bearable climate, an abundance of shopping malls and a variety of restaurants to choose from

The most striking attraction here is the Jakhu temple.


This is a quiet valley that is overlooked by the age old mountains. This hill station has an old world charm about it and the attraction sites here include the following: the Kangara Art museum, the Kunal Pathra temple and the tea gardens on your way to the temple.


This place has been described as the Jack of Holiday and the Queen of Summers. The place is a bit congested but the trappings that it offers more than compensate —you could go to Tiger hill to watch the sun rise or you could also visit the Rock gardens and waterfalls that are to be found in Darjeeling. This is also an ideal place for a family vacation for the simple reason that it’s a town that is straddled with malls and fine eating joints.


This is a place that is located in the North East part of the country. The second smallest part of the country offers a number of rich attractions such as the stunning mountains and nature walks that litter the state. Admittedly India is a vast nation and one may argue that these seven destinations do not even begin capturing the soul of the nation. Perhaps greater attractions have been left out but what is certain is that India as a nation will offer you a rich picking of family friendly attractions that you will like.

You need not be restricted to these places and you could even add to the list of the places that are ideal for a family vacation. Think about the items listed in this article and as you add on to your list get your Indian visa today.

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