Top Safety Measures For Smartphones

Posted on Nov 14 2013 - 10:33am by Muhammad Azam


It is just a decade ago or so when the cellular devices were visible in the market with big flaps and antennas. They had become aware in the eyes of customers and all new communication technology was in the palm of one’s hands. Who can forget the technology embedded in the brick like cell phones, which then shrank to smaller sized communication devices that could dial calls and run texts? The clamshell phones, the flip sets, the big dialers, and then the smartphones have now come into being, having the technology of computers and tablets in just one single device. You can now get the technology of GPS, PDA, computers and MP3 players in your smart phones in an easy yet expensive way.

However expensive they are, the smart phones are gradually becoming sensitive to touch and harm can come to them just because they are made fragile. People like sleek and shiny cell phones and this preference has made the smart phones very delicate. This leads to the easy damages to their body and internal parts, the most of which are circuit boards and functionality. That is why it is necessary to keep the smart phones in a secure environment. Now that is way too much impossible seeing the kind of life style we all have. It is a fast track life with a lot to do every day and lesser time. That is why it is better to keep the smart phones secure through covers, cases, and most importantly from harm’s way through insurance. You can easily get Smartphone insurance quote details from online providers of insurance packages, and that way you will be able to compare and get the package that you are feasible with.

Insurance for smartphones

A lot of difference is present between the concept of securing our smart phone with covers, cases, skins and stickers, and insurance. The covers/cases will only protect from harm, a little damage, scratches, but never from theft, complete loss or breakage. Insurance however can. You will not only be able to save the smart phones from the usual yet known harms, but also from theft and loss. The replacement cost will be covered by the insurance package and you will not have to pay any cost for it. The advantages of smart phone insurance are as under:

  • The whole cost of damage, fall, repair, replacement, theft, scratches, partial replacement etc can be covered easily.
  • The package of insurance will also help in paying for accidental spills, liquid damages, screen damages, etc.
  • Power surges, vandalism will be handled by the insurance packages too.
  • The imminent damages like natural disasters will also be covered in the insurance cost as well like fire, storm damages to the smart phones etc.

Other than that, when you want to keep your smart phone safe and away from theft, you can follow the detailed safety tips as follows:

  • Keep the smart phone covered in a silicone pack/cover. The silicone pack is a useful cover that can help keep the device away from damages due to fall or friction.
  • Keep a laced neck handle so that if you have the habit of forgetting your smart phone at any place, you will not do so now as it will be dangling from your neck.
  • Dropping the smart phone when you stand up as it is in your lap can be tackled as well when you have a pocket cover to attach to your pants belt or purse. The phone will be safer inside it.
  • Keep the screen of the smart phone covered by the screen protector. Scratches on the smart screen mean a worn out screen usually.
  • Buy a cover that can cover the phone even when you are on a call. Such covers help you listen and dial calls and text easily without getting the smart phone out of the cover.
  • Even the data inside the smart phone needs protection. You can lock the screen with a smart code or a pattern on the screen to be swiped. Only you will be able to know it and use the phone to your consent.
  • Use sim locking and phone locking tools. There are many apps for the phone safety as well that you can use and then no one unauthorized will be able to use your smart phone without your permission
  • Locking folders and specific data can also help if your phone is used by others too. This can help keep your data private and secure, and non-transferable to other devices too.
  • Keep the gadget clean using port covers as well. Dust usually can lurk inside the ports keeping the smart phone grow older and weaker in its functionality.

Charge the phone when not in use to give rest to the battery and not burn it up too much.

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