Top Dubai Adventures

Posted on Sep 9 2013 - 9:49am by Angela Davis

Palm Islands

Despite being famous for incredible architectural structures like Burj Khalifa, Palm Islands, Emirates Tower and Dubai Marina, Dubai also have mesmerising outdoors offering exciting adventure trips to entertain everyone visiting this city. Whether you are here on holiday trip, business trip or even get a chance to spend a short stopover stay in the city, I will suggest you to manage some time to explore Emirates’ outdoors and associated adventure trips. Several travel and tourism companies offer economical adventure trip packages to make its convenient to enjoy adventure without danger. As they provide individual assistance to their clients and professionals will be there to guide and help you to maximize entertainment and excitement.

Several unique region specific adventures are being offered that include sand, water and air adventures. Below is the brief description about Dubai’s top adventure trips.

Desert Safari

Being the most adrenaline adventure trip, Desert Safari is the most exciting sand adventure. Suitable for couples and group of families, adventure lovers can enjoy driving fully automatic two-seater sand dune buggies, 4×4 wheelers, and quad biking independently or with professional guides. The trip started early in the morning and continue till night. You can book a trip whenever it will be suitable for you. Tour operators offer morning, evening and overnight desert safari trips. Besides thrilling drive, you can also enjoy delicious food and soft drinks with exploring unique flora and fauna and wild life of deserts. If you don’t want to go for adventure rides you can BBQ dinner and live belly dance in camps. Or spending whole night under stars can also be fascinating for anyone.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Floating at the height of 3,000 feet over magical desert could fascinate anyone. It is suitable for everyone people of age group. It’s a kind of family adventure that let you enjoy with your kids even with minimum age of years. The ride is too enticing and let you enjoy watching golden sand dunes, blue skies, green oasis and desert plants. While you are flying just above the red dunes, you can feel cool down air and enjoy picturesque landscape of rugged Hajjar Mountain on the east whereas on west series of modern skyscrapers of this city. Furthermore, watching sunrise over the red dunes is also a breathtaking sight.

Deep Sea Fishing and Scuba Diving

The warm waters, year round sunshine and white sandy beaches have made Dubai a perfect spot for deep sea fishing. Beaches offer equal level of excitement for beginners as well as professionals. The best thing about fishing here is that the Emirates’ beaches are being famous to possess Sailfish habitat in the world. Whereas, you can also find other species like Queen Fish, Tuna, King Fish, Barracuda and grouper. Whereas minimal tide flow have also made scuba diving safe for everyone. There are number of fishing and diving clubs offering complete equipment with diving and fishing tutorials with internationally qualified instructors for beginners. You can hire fishing boat, which is well fitted with all essential equipment. Besides excitement of floating above deep waters, you will also get a chance to test your fishing skills by independently catching fish. Clicking camera to take few photographs is also a good idea to create beautiful memories.


Skiing is another exciting adventure trip in the city. It has assumed that ice skiing is an adventure exclusively find in hilly areas where temperature is low. You will be amazed to know that you will get a chance to enjoy ice skiing at Ski Dubai the largest indoor skiing resort in UAE. Yes it’s possible to enjoy several snow based games like tobogganing, snowboarding and playing with Penguins in the desert of Dubai. Spreading over the total area of 22,500 square meters, the mountain based resort has filled with 6,000 tons of real ice throughout the year. There are several ski runs with different levels of difficulty that satisfies everyone from beginners to professional level. Furthermore, sand skiing is also very tempting activity you can enjoy among golden sand dunes. Speed lovers who want to enjoy steep and heights should try sand skiing. Just buckle your feet on board take a deep breath and get ready to feel the freedom and magic of deserts. You don’t need to worry about equipment and clothing as everything can be rented.

Besides executing the role of business and investment hub, Dubai has been also executing the role of tourism hot spot with its amazing, leisure and entertainment spots and worth to watch Dubai property developments. Secondly the range of adventure trips also helped this city to become famous among adventure lovers.

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