Top 8 Ways To Make A Business Eco Friendly

Posted on Jul 26 2013 - 5:14am by Mark Tomich

The Big Green Idea Bus

Making your business (or organization) environment friendly has become the fashionable thing to do, quite rightly, since the benefits are obvious. Yet conserving the environment can as well save your money. We look at ways to save Mother Nature and your funds.

Reduce paper waste

If you are yet to adopt the concept of paper-less office, then it is high time you review your stand.

  • Instead of printing your emails, adopt the habit of reading them on-screen. Yet another way to reduce paper waste is by limiting the use of fax-modem and fax cover sheet.
  • Consider printing double sided documents (rather than one-sided ones) whenever possible.
  • Set your organization targets for reducing energy consumption by a given percentage each month and add rewards for achieving this.

This plus a little education allows employees to take ownership of the issue which – by extension – means more savings for your business.

Save water, save life

There are hundreds of ways you can save water at the workplace. The foremost way to accomplish this is by educating your employees on the importance of adopting good water consumption habits. It is also wise to post a hotline in strategic areas (bathrooms, washrooms etc.) so leaks and cases of water waste are promptly reported to maintenance personnel. Also, please make sure that you’ve shut off water to unused facilities to eliminate unmonitored water use.

Adopt Managed Print

With improved print workflow efficiencies, you can easily reduce waste for a greener firm and save up on your printing costs. Xerox Managed Print Services is one such example of e-printing solutions that can actually help you reduce your carbon footprint by 50%. With more than 10 years hands-on experience and irreproachable global support, you can fully rely on them to save your time, money and resources.

Turn out the lights

Do you really need to have that bulb on all the time? If No, then see to it that it is off when it is not really needed (switch to energy star rated bulbs rather than using incandescent bulbs). This also applies to other electrical equipment you might be having in your office. Interestingly, adopting this simple habit can help save 20% energy usage for an average household, and a whopping 25% of electric energy for a business, which means less bills and better work-place efficiency.

Cut on travel costs

Road travel is one of the biggest contributors to the current environmental concerns. You can play your part in reducing damage by adopting hi-tech communication methods such as video-conferencing, rather than making road-trips for a one-on-one meeting. This not only saves the environment, but also helps you save on transport costs.

Remember, there are several tips on how to save energy on regular road trips. For instance, you can save a lot by using the handbrake on an incline rather than relying on the clutch. Likewise, encouraging your staff members to carpool can go a long way in saving the environment. Encouraging them to cycle to work is yet another way to ensure that they are contributing to the betterment of the environment and their health.

The basic rule: Reduce, re-use, recycle

Recycling is one of the best ways to protect our environment from massive destruction. Unfortunately, most businesses are yet to adopt the true spirit of recycling in their daily activities. Since not all materials are recyclable, we recommend keeping recycling bins separate from other containers. Make sure that these bins are labeled properly.

Invest in solar panels

Even though the first-time cost of installing a solar system is high, it will save you money over time. These systems are made from materials that convert sun’s energy to electric current. You can save a lot (in terms of saved energy and money) by having them installed outside your premises, of course given that your location recieves lots of sunlight throughout the year.

Office plants are also good

Specific plants are not only good for aesthetic reasons but also are instrumental in emitting oxygen and absorbing pollutants. Further, plant waste can be used in place of inorganic fertilizer, thereby saving a good amount of cash.

Final thoughts

Adopting good environmental practices in no more a choice, it’s a basic responsibility. This is why it is extremely important for all of us to adopt such practices as soon as possible, and help contribute to a cleaner and greener planet for future generations.

Photo Credit: Wikicommons/Mick Lobb

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