Top 5 Things To Do In Aruba

Posted on Feb 25 2014 - 9:45am by Amy Labbadia


Both picturesque and serene, Aruba is a true gem in the heart of the Caribbean. Home to white sandy beaches, glittering waters and a feel-good atmosphere that is difficult to escape, Aruba is fast becoming the number one beach vacation.

If you are curious about how to spend your time on this beautiful island then you’ll be pleased to know we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 things to do in Aruba. So, whether you prefer lounging about whilst abroad or chasing the next adventure, our comprehensive list will surely help you out! 

Eagle Beach

By far the most popular beach in Aruba, Eagle Beach is a soft landscape of golden sand and crystal clear waters. A string of decadent hotels and resorts grace the shore, meaning you won’t have to roam far from your guestroom until you find your toes sinking into the soft sands. Many resorts situated on or near Eagle Beach boast water sports equipment and facilities, providing the perfect opportunity for you to explore the underwater paradise that Aruba offers. Sink beneath the ocean’s surface on a diving expedition, where you’re liable to encounter all sorts of exotic sealife, and perhaps a shipwreck or two. 

Bushiribana Ruins

Aruba has a rich – quite literally – history of adventurers travelling in search of Aruba’s various treasures, including “Oro Ruba” or “red gold”, which is how Aruba got its name. Today, you will still be able to catch glimpses of the island’s past with a visit to the Bushiribana Ruins, an abandoned gold mill that was built in 1824. In its heyday the mill produced over 3 million pounds of gold, and today can still be explored by tourists. 

Donkey Sanctuary

Meet some of Aruba’s cutest inhabitants at the non-profit Donkey Sanctuary. Designed to educate locals and tourists about the welfare of these adorable donkeys, the sanctuary is an important landmark which won’t fail to warm your heart. Of course one of the highlights of the sanctuary is being able to interact with the donkeys, although they may be more interested in the treats you have to offer! Although the sanctuary has free entry, it is encouraged that you make a donation whilst there. 


Another great pastime in Aruba is trying your luck in one of the island’s casinos. Many Aruban hotels and resorts house their own casinos, including the Hyatt Regency Aruba. The luxury resort boasts 21 gaming tables, 255 slot machines and 30 video poker machines, ensuring plenty of opportunities for you to win (or lose) your money. With the Hyatt’s reputation echoing themes of decadence, you can expect your casino experience to be a memorable one, as when you’re not tempting Lady Luck you could be sipping on a fresh martini – shaken not stirred, of course. 

Pedernales Wreck

Experience history with a visit to the Pedernales Wreck, a ruined oil tanker that dates back to World War 2. Various diving excursions can be arranged, inviting you to dip beneath the water and witness first-hand how time has ravaged this once magnificent ship.

Photo Credit: Creative Commons/PrasadGondi

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