Top 5 Sightseeing Locations In The South of England

Posted on Sep 4 2013 - 12:13pm by Ciaran Carlson

Windsor Castle

I have lived in England all my life, but until this year I had always felt like I had seen more of other countries than my own. It was due to this realisation that I decided to do a bit of ‘staycationing’ and explore the South properly. Below you will find all of my recommendations for tourists and locals alike, opening with the London Eye…

London Eye

A list of places to visit in the South of England wouldn’t seem natural without mentioning London, widely regarded as ‘the cultural capital of the world’.Anyone would struggle to narrow down their choices when it comes to this destination; there are an abundance of sights to see in London.

If there was to be one thing that acts as the definitive sightseeing experience it would be the London Eye – a platform from which you can see over 55 of London’s most famous landmarks from 135 metres in the sky.The cycle takes a total of half an hour, which in my eyes is more than enough time to see everything without feeling short changed.Honourable mentions go to the Tate Modern and the Tower of London though, which both also come highly recommended.

Winchester Cathedral

Whether you are a Christian or simply a lover of beautiful architecture, there is something for everyone to love at Winchester Cathedral. Children can take part in the free children’s tour which was written by a professional children’s author; and the adults can observe the official resting place of Jane Eyre, or behold the Winchester Bible, the largest surviving 12th century English Bible.

They also have a great shop for souvenirs and religious gifts which you can visit via the link, for those that want to take something away from the visit – all the profits are integral to maintaining the cathedral itself. Whatever your disposition, you will undoubtedly find something to enjoy here.

The Eden Project

Cornwall is a beautiful part of the world and is host to a number of wonderful attractions for sightseers – the Eden Project is often cited as the pinnacle of these. The Eden Project is an educational charity that consists of three main biomes, Tropical, Mediterranean and Outdoor. Each of these biomes contains the most weird and wonderful plants from all over the world.

They run their operations as green as possible and are always really informative. They areespeciallyeffective at educating you about the interdependence of plants and people without ever seeming sanctimonious. With the world becoming increasingly grey and encased in concrete, the Eden project feels almost nostalgic, it even at times feels like a different planet altogether. So go and visit.


Stonehenge is a monument in Wiltshire, and its ambiguous origins are fascinating. I have always known of Stonehenge, but not the mystery that surrounds it. After visiting and learning a little more, people oftenfeel compelled to go home and indulge in further reading.

Nothing annoys me more than a mystery that cannot be solved, but it is an exhilarating experience nonetheless.  The audio tour walks you through the numerous theories surrounding the purpose of Stonehenge and how the stones got to their location.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is a royal residence that has long had associations with the British Royal Family. The long walk, an avenue of trees leading up to Windsor castle, is awe inspiring, simply stunning. The castle is manned by over 500 members of staff and at more than 13 acres wide…I can see why.

The most exciting activities from a personal perspective include the changing of the guard and the tours around the river Thames which offer great views of the castle itself. The changing of the guard is only a 10 minute ceremony, so there is very little preventing you from watching the band and soldiers march along the high street.

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