Top 5 Paying Jobs In The US

Posted on Apr 19 2017 - 5:22pm by Editorial Staff

Are you thinking of re-training, deciding what to study at university or you’re just simply curious as to what jobs earn the big bucks? A recent report by Glassdoor revealed that the highest paying jobs to go into are:

Physician – If you want to earn lots of money, then study to become a doctor. Although you have to study for a long time, it will be worthwhile when you eventually start getting paid a huge salary of up to $180,000. That is some serious money. If you need to get financing to study to be a doctor or a dentist, you probably won’t struggle to get one because the banks will know that you’ll be able to pay back your loans!

Lawyer – Top lawyers can earn a staggering amount of around $150,000. Again, you need to study hard and for a long time to qualify as a lawyer and it can be a very demanding job. If you can get a job working for a big law company, you will be able to afford pretty much anything you need in life; big houses, expensive vacations and fast cars. Lawyers are not short of cash.

Research and Development Manager–This type of role can vary greatly from one company to another, but if you have the skillset to go into product design improvements and lead other employees to do the same, you can stand to earn around $140,000 each year.

Software Development Manager – It will probably come as no surprise that technology roles feature high up in terms of pay scales. Technology has become integral to every part of life and if you have software development skills, you are pretty much guaranteed a nicely paid job. The going rate for a Software Development Manager currently sits at approx. $130,000. Not bad for a computer nerd, hey?

Pharmacy Manager – Want to go into healthcare but don’tfancy becoming a doctor? A pharmacy manager can also earn you a very nice salary. You will normally require a medical degree but when you are coming out with $130,000, you will probably feel like it was a small price to pay to get you to your dream job.

Not everybody is motivated purely by money but if you really want to start earning a large salary then these are the 5 occupations that you should concentrate your efforts on. Unless you have phenomenal sports skills and can become a professional athlete or you are a great singer and release a number one single, it is unlikely you will be able to earn these kinds of sums in any other line of work.

Before you spend years training to go into a qualification based on the salary alone, consider whether you will enjoy the work because you will spend a lot of your adult life at work. Big salaries are great but if you are miserable all of the time or too busy to actually spend your money, what is the point?

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