Top 5 Fall Clothes You Must Have

Posted on Aug 15 2013 - 1:11am by Zhuang Ping


There’s something about the fall that makes us long for a bit of coolness.  We start looking for a bit of a breeze so we can pull out our fall clothes.  After the heat waves, the excessive sweating, the bugs, it’s always a nice change to jump into fall clothing. For the ladies, there’s a lot of sexy boots to be worn, sensual colors (for both men and women) and the coats to amplify your fall fashion clothes. Here are 5 popular items to check out this fall. 

1. Knit Cardigans

A chunky cardigan is cozy and essential for both men and women’s wardrobe. And the advice here is to layer your cardigan with brighter shirts.  You can think about white shirts and orange shirts.  You can find this cozy garment in different prints and textures. For women, wear them over your tights or jeans.  The knit cardigan is versatile and can be worn over men’s trousers and jeans as well.  These types of knits come in a variety of styles from turtlenecks to sweater dresses.  You can pick and choose what works for your personal style.

2. Layers

For starters, summer is a light season so your clothes are likely more bright and light in material.  For the fall season, think a bit darker in hue and heavier in material.  Now think about adding those colors in layers.  You can wear a sweater with a longer shirt or wear multiple scarfs weaved together in different colors.  It’s a comfortable, and stylish, look.  Fall clothes are all about an element of fun and adventure.

3. Boots

Boots are the ultimate climax of fall and winter.  In the summer it’s far too hot to wear them.  For the fall and winter, boots can range from knee high boots to ankle boots.  You can also wear them flat or dress it up with a heel.  The sexy boot is endless in nature and looks great worn over jeans or with a dress or skirt.  Men can find the military boot and wear it with jeans for a grunge effect. 

4. Coats

Fall clothing involves wearing fashion savvy coats.  The petti coat and trench are popular for the fall.  These garments are classics and full of history and progress. From military inspiration to the classic formal coats, the choices are endless.  The great thing about a fall coat is that it’s not too heavy and works well worn over most outfits.  Picking a longer coat with brass buttons adds an element of boldness to any man or woman’s fall fashion clothes.  Don’t forget that beautiful tailoring makes the coat into a timeless wardrobe piece. 

5. Denim

To complete your fall wardrobe, think about adding denim.  This will be an essential into everyday type of wear.  Think of spending time finding the right fit of denim to add to your wardrobe.  You want the jeans to be a bit darker in rinse.  You can wear sweater dresses over them or layer your entire outfit using denim as a base.  These are a must have for fashion and function.

When you’re looking into fall, you want fall clothes that function to protect you from the weather.  You also want your fall clothing to be style filled and fun to wear.  It’s time to put your fall fashion clothes to the experiment.  Experiment with colors, textures and styles.  Add accessories and don’t be afraid of wearing items that no one else is wearing.

Above is our list of the 5 must-have for fall. What do you think about it? Let us know!

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