Top 5 Benefits Of Cloud Hosting For Startups

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Online presence of business is gaining significant importance over years. The hosting services offer various features for the users, like the shared hosting, VPS. These hosting services have their own set of features and the hosting companies decide the cost of these services based on the features. While new startups are coming into the market each day in massive numbers, it has become essential for the industry to provide some services that are less expensive. The cloud computing arrival has made it possible for various web hosting solutions and online application management software to be available at lower rates.

Let us see the various reasons for why the startups should go for cloud hosting.

1. Lower Investment

The startups need much money for the business development, and cannot have the funds for paying the tax for the commercial software.  For example, if you are starting up a construction project minimizing the cost is possible when the open source construction software is used instead of using the proprietary software. Also, when the servers are to be installed in the company there are complicated procedures involved. Moreover, the hiring of manpower means recurring spending also. In case of the small or medium sized businesses, the best way is to go for the cloud hosting services, which rules out the requisite of the in-house team for the IT, recruiting manpower and the installation of servers. Most of the cloud hosting services are priced reasonably. The charges are based on the power used and not by the use of the dedicated server and by the maintenance of it.

2. Maintenance

The cloud hosting services never require maintenance and up gradation. These are done in the cloud flawlessly. When it comes to need of more space, this is also taken care of. Lot of space is available at any point of time. When adding test databases, the cloud hosting happens to be best choice. Running extra servers is also much easy when the data is on the cloud service. All these features make upgrading new software releases very easy. The time devoted for the maintenance can be dedicated for promoting your business.

3. Lower Risks

When the data of your company is stored in the cloud space, the risk of getting data lost is very low, or it can be ruled out. The offsite servers control the data and regular backups are available. As the backups are safely stored in the server, there is no fear of the data getting lost. Also, you can know about your data at any time. The credit goes to the customer service, which is available throughout the day and is very efficient.

4. Tractability

The greatest advantage of the cloud platform is that they are very flexible and can be customized to the needs of the customers. Any organization can use this platform, because of the customization opportunities. The cloud platform can be used in the banking industry and also in small sized retail businesses. You can ask for any kind of service, and the cloud servers can offer you the same.

5. Scalability 

Unlike the hosting services that are conventional, the cloud hosting offers scalable services. The sizes offered are small, medium and of other sizes. The servers that hold the data are available in massive numbers. Whenever you need the higher level of services, you can easily move forward. Moving to the downscale services is also very easy. Whereas, when you use conventional services, you need to get new servers for upscaling the services.

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