Top 5 Beers That Will Go With Any Meal

Posted on Aug 16 2013 - 1:05am by Kathrine Kreger

The Meal

Men love food and men love beer. It was only a matter of time before a list appeared that informs us men, or women who love them, exactly what kind of beers will go well with just about any kind of food that can possibly be prepared.

While there are all sorts of nuances and subtle flavors that can be explored and debated by the beer expert, here, we will take a look at some mildly-exotic beers that you can count on as staple drinks for virtually every meal you take.

We will also skip over some of the more obvious selections such as Budweiser and Michelob due to the fact they are no-brainers for any activity, including meals. The winner when it comes to versatility and food is actually German and Belgium beers.

The variety of beers coming out of these regions can handle anything from light, sweet meals to heavy dishes like sausage and steak. Should the following beers have your taste buds watering, and then consider joining an online beer of the month club. Logging on and signing up can get you access to all the gift club info in addition to delivering each of these delicious beers to your doorstep.

Pale Ales

Pale Ales from virtually any manufacture make for a great pairing with just about all major dishes. They are light enough to avoid filling valuable space in the stomach that should be reserved for actual food, but they have enough body to provide a contrast for items that happens to be on the lighter side. Pale Ales go particularly well with seafood, appetizers, and, dare we say, salads.

Wheat Beers

These brews also perform astoundingly well on the dinner table. If you are exploring the German region, then certainly get your hands on Hefeweizens. Unlike many beers on the market, the wheat beers can hold their own during a main course, however, they can also provide a nice compliment for deserts and fruits that may make their way onto your dinner or dessert plate.

Amber Ales

This step up from the Pale Ales firmly plants itself in the middle of the road when it comes to beer and food. It is an easy choice in beer for anything that comes your way. Stews, burgers, roast chicken, and even grilled cheese all taste ten times better with an Amber Ale at their side. Although you will be dealing with a little bit heavier flavor that may over power some lighter foods, those dishes are but a precursor to the part of dinner where the meat is.

Stouts and Porters

When the grill and BBQ come into play, these beers should certainly be moved to the front of the line. They deepen the flavor of most meats and add body to the characteristic flavors of most veggies, especially those coming hot off the grill. It is also definitely worth pairing these beers with extremely succulent and rich desserts such as those heavy on chocolate.


This final contender can go round for round with the healthiest or the most artery-clogging dishes you can throw at them. Lagers are standard procedure in the majority of British pubs, and they often form the foundation for drinks at a huge number of German beer and food festivals.

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