Top 5 Action Game For iPhone For Year 2013

Posted on Dec 3 2013 - 10:00am by Alex Francis

Star Command

We’re almost at the ending point for the year, and 2013 has already proven to be an incredible time for new iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch apps especially in genre of action games. There are wide varieties of action game available in iTunes that fits easily with the taste of the gamer. The app development company are also working hard for developing action games that will offer high entertainment and high quality gaming atmosphere to the action game lovers. So here the top 5 best action games for iOS for year 2013.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown By 2K Games, Price: $19.99

Endangered by an unidentified foe, Earth’s governments got an idea of uniting and forming a privileged paramilitary association, recognized as XCOM. You will play as the leader of XCOM, you must generate an entirely operational base, investigate alien technologies, prepare warfare missions, and guide your combatants in brutal battles in opposition to a petrifying alien attack. The judgements you make will change the destiny of humankind. You are our finalexpectation. The app has improved touch based controls mainly designed for mobile devices. Player can easily go for randomly created missions that will consist of strategically created fighting missions.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic By Aspyr Media, Inc., Price: $9.99

Star Wars®: Knights of the Old Republic™, extensively taken as one of the high quality action based role paying game. One of the greatest role-playing games of all times that involves lots of different characters, creatures, vehicles and game environment consists of many other planets. You can be anything in this game, a saviour, hero or the villain, it’s all depends on you. There are 40 different types of powers available to choose from, in addition to that you can also construct your own, lightsaber and enjoy travelling in your spaceship in eight different planets. The app has very easy to use controls there are fully integrated with touch based controls of the app.

Year Walk By Simogo, Price: $3.99

In the old times people have tried hard for catching the glance of the future in very different ways. Understand the ancient Swedish occurrence of year walking all the way through an altered type of the first person adventure that smears the thin line between different dimensions in addition to truth and the paranormal activities. Go into the dark places where you will get a chance to see some strange and dark creatures, be adventurous believe what you see and then plan accordingly your next step. The game consists of lots of action based playing throughout the game.

Star Command By Star Command, LLC, Price: $2.99

Star Command helps you in building your individual ship, hiring your crew, exploring the universe and starting battle with many alien civilizations across the galaxy. The app is universally available for both iPhone and iPad. There is no such in app purchases, get HD support for retina based high pixel graphics. Create ship exactly in the way you want and start the expedition with 4 different types of ships already available in the game. The game required tactics, science and perfect engineering skills to win this game. The app has very high quality soundtrack and music created especially for this game.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers By Ironhide Game Studio, Price: $2.99

This is most devilish, addicting, action based defence game, with high quality graphics and easy to use controls. The game is really worst and really bigger to play, all the levels are really fast, and charming that helped this game to be on the first position. Play this game by tapping on your troops all the way through an epic based adventure as you defend exotic lands from dragons, carnivorous  plants, and terrible inhabitants of the black world that have newly looking towers, levels, heroes, and more features and functions to win thisgame on time.

Many research has proved that action games improves attention and psycho motor abilities thus, as while playing games, the player has to give proper attention to many factors, that’s why many action games even for mobile devices are developing day by day, So users can have unlimited fun even while travelling.

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