Top 3 Reasons For Hiring A Private Investigator

Posted on Mar 2 2020 - 10:30am by Editorial Staff

Many of us want to think the best of people, in fact many of us do think the best of people right from the very start. The fact is that no one wants to view the world as a place full of dishonest, fraudulent and corrupt people. But the sad truth is, that not everyone truly wants to be your friends. You never know what is going through someone’s head, or what they are willing to do. It’s better to be safe and call in the experts for advice and support whenever there are individuals or companies that you aren’t sure about.

Things like infidelity, investment scams, false resumes, fake companies, identity theft, romance scams, corporate espionage, and thousands of other threats do exist, and people rely on a private investigator to minimize the risk and gather clear evidence. It’s a lot better to be safe than sorry in this day and age, so if you meet someone, or you know someone who just gives you a bad feeling, it’s better to get the facts and find out what they are actually up to. There are many reasons why you might need a private investigator to help you out in these sorts of situations, however, here are the top three:

Spouse Infidelity

Being in a relationship can be the happiest time of your life – until it’s not. If your spouse cheats on you or you suspect that your spouse is cheating, then the best way to confirm this is to hire a private investigator. Statistics show that wives who suspect their partners of cheating on them are correct 85% of the time, whilst husband who suspect that their partners are cheating on them are only correct 50% of the time. Sometimes you can just have a gut feeling, or you may have noticed your partner acting suspiciously.

Before you hire a private investigator though, you might find it better to try and uncover the truth yourself. Don’t confront your spouse about it until you are absolutely sure. You never know, they might just be planning a big surprise party for you. If you do decide to discover the truth yourself, you might also find that your partner becomes more secretive and this can make things a lot tougher for you and also put a strain on your relationship. This means that sometimes it’s a lot better to just leave it to the professionals to gather information and surveillance to confirm infidelity.

Child Custody Battle

Divorce is a messing thing, particularly when there are children involved. Unfortunately, it’s never easy. Even if you get sole custody of your child just because your partner wants nothing to do with them, then this can cause a lot of emotions to be affected. On the other hand, both parents might love their child too much and not want to split custody. It doesn’t even need to be the parent who get custody either, sometimes a grandparent might actually be more suited to raise the child.

Regarding the more suitable person to raise the child, it can be hard for the court to make the best decision unless evidence is presented. Submitting compelling, admissible facts to the court is crucial in child. Private investigators make getting this type of evidence a lot easier, as a parent or guardian would struggle to collect it on their own. Private investigators can also serve as a witness in a case and prove facts that are tough to prove on your own. Even a potentially difficult case can turn into a simple one when provided with all the right facts and evidence.

Missing People

Although no one wants to think about this, people go missing all the time, children, young adults, even old people. You might have only thought that it was children running away from home that went missing, but unfortunately there are many people who end up missing. When this unfortunate event occurs, a private investigator can gather clues to help find that missing person. This is a lot easier to do though if it is just your child who has decided to run away from home. They can help gather clues and find the missing person. It doesn’t just stop there regarding children. Private investigators can also help adopted kids find their birth mother if they so wish. This isn’t something that interests everyone though, but it does mean that the people who want to find their family can at least get some help. If you are interested in finding out how a private investigator works, then you can check out these top tools for the modern day private investigator here.

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