Top 3 Mens’ Dress Shoes Styles Of World’s Hottest Men

Posted on Feb 26 2014 - 10:14am by Nikita Gharat

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David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and Brad Pitt are all hot men from planet earth. Their dressing style is just hot as them as well. But today, in this article I would offer you great insights about making your style just like them. Let’s get into the wardrobe of these heart-robs and know how you can make their dressing style your own.

1. David Beckham

This handsome football superstar loves to dress up in the classiest of all styles on formal occasions. David Beckham likes to wear flat oxfords, lace-ups and wingtips. He likes brown and black dress shoes and that too of best designers. You will never spot a shabbily dressed David Beckham. This hot and highly famous football star loves to wear casual sneakers when on streets.

How to Get Beckham’s Look

David Beckham is a classy football star. His style is “posh” (not his wife!) and superior. So, looking like Beckham means being perfect. Therefore, when you are wearing a black suit go for flat black oxfords & lace-ups. When you are wearing a brown suit go for brown lace-ups or wingtips. You will see that Beckham doesn’t try too many colors when it comes to mens dress shoes. You will find him usually sporting the conventional brown or black formal shoes..

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

You can say that he is one of the foremost and handsome looking football players in the world. Also, he is undoubtedly the highest paid footballer of today’s times. In fact, he is the highest paid footballer ever. He was signed by Real Madrid for a whopping £80 million. Cristiano Ronaldo is the handsome hunk who plays for the top most football clubs across the globe, has the best of the cars and best women as well. Well, the woman who has him is envied by the world. His style and fashion has a lot to with this.

How to Get Cristiano’s Look

When this hot looking footballer is not playing for his team, he is out like a male fashion model. Cristiano’s dressing style is sporty. But not plain. His favorite brand is “Gucci” and you can spot him wearing Gucci leather jackets at several occasions. He wears Gucci belt and shoes to look complete his look. To get his style you have to get a pair of rugged leather jacket, Gucci leather shoes, belts and of course his toned body!

3. Brad Pitt

Speaking in Jane Austen’s language, “It is a truth well acknowledged that a man with Brad Pitt’s look is blessed to have best women irrespective of his attire”. But it is also equally important to be just as style conscious. Brad’s stylist can go on a long holiday but the actor will still manage to look awesome and stylish. There is a reason for which he has won the People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” title twice.  You can see Brad carrying anything from 3-piece sleek suits to his raw ensembles with ease.

How to Get Brad Pitt’s Look

First thing that comes to your mind when you decide to adopt Brad Pitt’s style is not to look perfect. This Ocean’s series hunk leaves the top button of his shoes open even when he wears a 3- piece suit. He loves to wear black leather shoes but you will spot him wearing rugged leather shoes just as equally. His hair is messy, shoes flash two colors and he looks all hot even in the most sophisticated attire.

So, now you know the Top 3 Mens Dress Shoes Styles of World’s Hottest Men and the best part is that you can be the next by following the above tips!

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