Tips To Create Your Own Icon Images While Travelling

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When people travel to a certain spot to spend their vacation, they try to capture the most famous landmarks in their pictures like the Eiffel Tower or Sydney Opera House. They have every right to do so because they go to such places to see these landmarks. However, have you ever thought about making your own postcards, your own stories and thus your own iconic images by capturing things like colorful markets or the people sitting in the cafes?

Tips to Take Better Travel Photographs

Following are some of the tips that will help you to think out of postcards and take better travel photographs.

Include Signage in your Pictures: It is a sensational idea to include creative painted road and store signs, the price of any vegetable and fruit displayed at any shop and written in local language, and even the newsstand featuring the local newspapers to impart a lovely sense of place in your images.

Create a Photo story: Similarly, you can also create a photo story of the events happening at the place you are visiting. You can start taking a wide shot of the market followed by shooting the items for sale, the customers exchanging money, children playing and giggling, old people smoking a pipe etc. from a close range. These travel images will make your photo album versatile, more unique and memorable and you can also hang them on your walls through elegant pictures on canvas prints.

Include People in your Images: It is always better to feature local people in you images instead of tourists. It is even better to shot the locals doing their daily life works rather than asking them to pose for you to get a more naturel look in your photographs. Similarly, you can also pick a spot in the street and wait as something interesting will take place for you to capture.

No Traditional Postcard Shots: Try to shoot at different perspective while visiting famous landmarks such as Eifel Tower. Do not just focus on boring traditional postcard like shots but try to photographs the metal bolts and beams from a close range. You need to be creative while taking the shots, for instance, by photographing repeating patterns. In fact, if your photograph a lot of architectural details, it will perfectly complement any traditional photo of the landmark in your album.

Food Photography on Location: Apart from taking photographs of famous landmarks and streets, another aspect of great travel photography is shooting the local cuisines. In this regard, you can take a seat by the window in any restaurant and turn of that irritating flash and start photographing and enjoying your meal.

Pick a Theme Each Day: You should not try to capture all in one day and try to pick a theme for every day as this will prevent you from feeling so overwhelming. However, you can change the theme in the middle of the day as it is your trip and you have to capture any perfect scene that your eyes catch. This will help you to make a master piece of images captured during travelling and printed on to canvas prints as memories for years to come.


Taking breathtaking photographs is an art and you need to master it if you want to make your images unique and fascinating. In this regard, above mentioned techniques will definitely help you in the long run.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Brittney Rankin/U.S. Army

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