Tips For Passing Your Theory Test

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Ahead of taking your practical driving test, you will first need to have successfully passed your driving theory test.

The idea of any exam will likely fill you with dread. With the horrifying thought of paying £23 for each theory test you take, the fear of failing will likely be high!

Pass ‘N’ Go has the following advice to put you in the best possible positon to get through the 50 multiple-choice questions and the hazard perception test with flying colours:

Use your driving lessons as preparation

Many people see their theory and practical tests as completely separate entities when they are learning to drive.

However, this shouldn’t be the case — they complement each other and are designed to transform a novice learner driver into a proficient motorist via the smoothest possible journey.

As such, when you’re out on your driving lesson, bear in mind everything that you’ve studied and take into account when you put the theory into practice.

If you’re finding a particular section of your theory test preparation difficult, don’t be afraid to raise the issue with your driving instructor. They will be able to offer advice — it’s what they are there for, after all — and may even be able to show you how the theory plays out in a real-world situation.

Buy the DVSA Theory Test Kit

At £5, the official DVSA Theory Test Kit may well be one of the wisest investments that you’ll make in the lead-up to your theory test.

Here’s just a few reasons why you should download it from iTunes or the Google Play store:

  • The app contains detailed information on all 14 topics covered in the theory test.
  • Each topic comes complete with questions to answer so that you can see just how much you’ve taken in from your studying.
  • It contains practice case studies, so that you can see the theory in practice.
  • There are mock tests available made up of every official DVSA car theory test revision question and answer.
  • The hazard perception section provides you with an introduction to this part of the test, as well as access to ten official DVSA practice hazard perception interactive video clips.

Check you have your provisional driving license on test day

When the day of your theory test finally comes around, make sure you have your provisional driving license with you when travelling to the test centre.

Fail to show this and you will be unable to sit the test — forfeiting the £23 fee that you paid in the process.

Time your theory test appropriately

When you first begin your theory test, you’ll be given 57 minutes to answer 50 multiple-choice questions.

Take full advantage of this time by using one minute to answer each question. If you’re struggling to pick the correct answer at the end of a minute, simply flag the question and move on.

Time it perfectly and you’ll have at least seven minutes to go back and complete the questions that you were struggling with — you don’t want to be rushing through difficult questions.Also bear in mind that you will likely not need the full minute to answer some questions, so that will free up more time to go through and check each of your answers.

You won’t be able to time the hazard perception half of the theory test — it’s made up of 14 one-minute video clips, with one containing two hazards to identity and the rest a single hazard to spot.However, make sure you use the full three-minute breather period between the two parts to ease your nerves and take a quick break away from the computer screen.

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