Tim Cook: ‘The engine Of The iPhone And iPad Are Built In The US’

Posted on May 30 2012 - 2:19am by Editorial Staff

Speaking at the All Things Digital D10 conference today, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook provided some new fascinating insight into the company’s manufacturing practices in both the United States as well as China. On asking, whether any day will comes when Apple product will bear a tag of “Made, in US,” Cook says: “This is not well known, but the engine for the iPad and iPhone are built in the US. The glass is made at a plant in Kentucky.”

He went on to discuss whether or not more of Apple’s efforts could be relocated to the US: The truth is, the skill of tool and die makers in the US started to decline in the 60s. If I asked every skilled tool and die maker to come to this room, we wouldn’t fill it. You could fill cities in China. You need a fundamental shift in education. But there things we can do here. We will do as many of these as we can. And we will use the whole of our influence to do it.

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