Tim Cook On Smartphone Revolution: Was In Early Stages, Will Be A 1 Billion Unit Market In 3 Years

Posted on May 30 2012 - 4:09am by Editorial Staff

During today’s interview at AllThingsD D10 conference, Apple’s CEO Tim cook was asked, talked and discussed about variety of issues. One major point of discussion was of the smartphone market. Cook said was in its early stages, on track to become a 1billion unit market in three years. When queried about the landscape of competitors Apple was facing, Cook was confident, saying “I think we have the best phone.”

“You have two OS that make up the vast majority,” Cook said. “It’s iOS and Android. You have Windows Phone now beginning to ship and we’ll see how they do. And you have RIM that is still serving a large number of enterprise customers. But the momentum right now is with the first two.” Cook added, when you look at this, it’s a billion unit market in 3 years from now. “A few years after that, I’m not sure you’ll see any phones that aren’t smartphones.”

(Image Source: Apple)

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