Tim Cook Confirms Siri Italian Language Support Coming This Year

Posted on Mar 10 2012 - 5:22am by Editorial Staff

According to post over Italian site Melablog, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has replied to a customer email inquiry about adding support for the Italian language to Apple’s Siri voice assistant. The interesting thing here is that Apple’s website already lists Italian, along with Chinese, Korean and Spanish as the languages supported and it will come this year.

Cook’s email confirms the new language support is on track and will release in 2012 itself. The customer sent an email to the CEO asking him “why he didn’t like Italy”, Cook over which responded to the email in keeping up the tradition of answering customer emails. 9to5mac, pointing that Siri for Italian language is already listed on Apple’s website as one of the languages that will be supported.

Customer email to Cook:

Dear Tim,

I wonder why you do not like Italy, I think we are good customers of yours, but not appreciated.

Look at this, we are the second country in Europe (behind all’UKus!)

In particular:

1) Siri has not yet been released in Italian (rather strange after 6 months)

2) We are no longer in the group of ”first day” of the iPhone 4S launch. (there are some nations that are not at our level)



Cook replied back to Mike (Customer):


Amo l’Italia.

Supporteremo la lingua italiana in SIRI quest’anno.


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