3 Simple Things Bosses Can Do To Make Employee Lives Easier

Posted on Sep 12 2014 - 8:46pm by Christopher White


Companies are always on the lookout for ways of improving their processes to not only improve the productivity of their staff, but also their morale. A happy workforce is far more likely to produce their finest work day after day, meeting deadlines and arriving at work each day in a positive mood, whereas an unhappy workforce is much more likely to spend their time clock-watching and waiting to go home, meaning they’re not giving their tasks their full attention and they might even fall below quality standards and miss deadlines.

The thing is there’s a fine balance between trying to keep everybody in a good mood, and still trying to run a successful business. Yes, it’s important that people enjoy themselves in the workplace, but it’s also essential that the company is making money and staff aren’t taking too many liberties when they start to feel relaxed or laughing and joking with their colleagues a bit like the naughty school kids at the back of the classroom.

So how do you find that balance? It’s always going to be difficult to keep 100% of the workforce happy because there’s always going to be someone not enjoying the work they’re doing for whatever reason, in which case you need to try and think of the bigger picture, while maintaining an interest in each individual. To do this, try any – or all – of the following:


Everyone likes music of some kind and it will always make the place seem more relaxed. A quiet office or building is often intimidating, especially when the phone rings or you need to ask somebody a question. By playing music from a radio or allowing staff to listen to their own tunes from their laptop or iPod, it’s much more likely to either put them in the right mood for producing their best work or helping them to focus as it’s been proven that music helps some people to work.


Organising your working day can help you to stay focussed while also budgeting for the occasional coffee break or chat with your colleagues. Management systems from the likes of SysAid.com will help them to do just that, while project management tools will also prove to be highly beneficial.

In other cases, just providing staff with the latest software designed to make tasks run more smoothly or produce faster results will help to improve both morale and productivity by taking significant amounts of time out of the most laborious of tasks.

Games and Activities

Finally, if you have the money and the space, giving the staff some kind of break-out area and activities will allow them to get away from their workstations for a period of time and things like pool or table tennis tables have been proven to help people get their minds off their work, relax, and then get back to it. Sitting at your workstation for the duration of your shift isn’t good for your health and it’s recommended that people get up and move for at least five minutes in every hour. Doing this will help them to refresh their minds and return ready for work.

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