Three Back To School Beauty Tips

Posted on Aug 24 2017 - 7:48pm by Editorial Staff

All things must pass. The summer in about to pass, and, when you start school in September, you’ll also have to pass (with grades, that is). But whereas summer was a time of unrestrained fun, neglecting your routines and forging wild, lasting memories, school has to be a time of order and discipline; doesn’t mean it can’t be incredibly fun, but you’re definitely going to want to kickstart your beauty routine in order to look your best. Whether you’re going back to high school or college, these three tips will help you look and feel like the smartest person in the classroom.

Have a nightly routine

Yes, you could get away with a lax attitude towards your beauty routines in the summer – you probably slept in and ate whatever you wanted, because, come on, you have to treat yourself. But with September looming it’s time to start reintroducing that nightly routine. Reach for a good quality cleansing water, one that feels right for your skin type and remove all that makeup – do not go to bed with that on. Next up, apply some body moisturizer; September can start to get a bit dry, so you need to make it a point to hydrate your skin, that way when winter rolls around you’re not completely dried up.

Obviously you’re going to brush your teeth and brush your hair and all that – you don’t need to be reminded of that kind of stuff – but before you get into bed, do yourself a favour and shell out a bit of money (or ask mom for some) for an overnight oil. A good example of an overnight oil that detoxifies and invigorates skin overnight is the Caudalie Overnight Detox Oil they sell at b-glowing which is chock-full of beneficial antioxidants as well. Finally, the only beauty tip left in your nighttime routine is to try and get a full 8 hours of sleep. You might be cramming for a test, or just binge watching a new Netflix show, but remember to set aside some rest time and your body will thank you.

Keep an efficient, well-stocked purse

Have you ever looked in your purse and found that you seem to carrying what looks like a cross between a bathroom cabinet and a garbage can? Clean her up a bit, and carry the essentials. First up, stock a good, purse-sized deodorant, preferably one that’s long-lasting and aluminum free. Beside that, stock some blotting sheets. Blotting sheets are a godsend when the classroom, full of bodies and broken air conditioning, gets a but muggy – you’ll be able to blot the oil from your face while keeping your makeup intact. Finally, a little bottle of concealer will also go a long way, keeping those unsightly blemishes and under eye shadows (maybe you didn’t get enough sleep) under control.

Just be yourself

The last tip seems simple, but it can be a process just as thorough and daily as your nighttime cleansing routine. Remember to remind yourself often that you’re beautiful the way you are, that you have a unique set of talents to offer the world, and that you deserve happiness. This is a beauty tip. Be confident in who you are and you’ll stroll through those school hallways like you own the place.

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