This Idea Will Take Your Bingo Party To A Next Level!

Posted on Jun 9 2017 - 3:23pm by Editorial Staff

Hosting a bingo party is a challenge in itself! But here is an idea that will take your bingo party to a next level and totally rock it!

‘A glass of wine with a taste of bingo’

Yes! That’s right and we’ll show you how to DIY your own bingo wine glass.

We are using letter stickers to paste on the wine glass. You can also use glass paint if the option seems feasible to you.

To get started, choose the Bingo texts that you want on your wine glass. Then select letters of different font and paste it according to your liking.

Now, get more creative with the glasses. Pour different types of good and bad tasting juices in each glass that has different bingo text from the other.

The real fun starts here! Every time a player wins on a line or a pattern or full house or whatever the home rules are, the losers are given a choice to drink these juices from the glasses. As bingo is a game of chance, we’ll add some more luck to it! Fill some glasses with good drinks and some with bad ones. See how the whole thing turns out to be fun!

The winner, of course, gets the finest drink of all, THE WINE!

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