Things That Will Go Down And To Not Buy In 2014

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You often heard that things loses their worth and importance after some period. Yes, it is true. Things lost their charm when they get old and replaced by other latest items. Their value tremendously goes down and people stop to sale such products. Especially the electronic items, because I think now there is vast development in the field of electronic sector. New inventions and latest techniques greatly reduced the charm of old and previous ones. Therefore, our research organization conducted a research and found some strange predictions about the things that will go down and lose their value.

Cable Television

Now the era of cable TV is completely over. According to previous researches, the decline in cable TV has been strongly observed in 2004. It was estimated that 54.8 people are paying for cable TV now, and it is found that 3.3 million subscribers shed from cable TVS. People will transition towards Netflix and web. They will watch their favorite show on newly emerged websites.

Decline in Landline Services

It is also found that there will be strong decline occur in 2014 in landline services. It is estimated that more than half population of US is shifted to wireless phones. Cell phone usage will obviously get increase and more people will shift towards facetime and Skype where they can easily communicate via videos in least expense. Similarly, smart phones will also allow more chatting applications and different sites for communication.

Digital Cameras

I remember that when digital cameras were newly introduced in the world, then everyone was quite anxious to buy it and people were happy to use it. But the trend of digital camera will also get decline. According to a rough estimate, that 11.5 million people sold their cameras in 2012and 44% downfall has been recorded. Large DSLR cameras will replace digital cameras, now it will become easy for people to capture their pictures, and immediate transformation of photos through cheap acrylic prints in USA will allow them more to buy DSLR cameras. Other people will remain stick to their advanced smart phone cameras. Actually, trends get change with the passage of time. It might be possible that in next year’s people shift their concentrations towards other dynamic devices.

PC’s And Laptops

It is also found out that there will be highest decline record in pc’s and laptop computers. Desktop pc will only confined in small offices and industries and other big companies and industries will issue tablets and ipad to their workers. But the good news is that their prices will go cheap and affordable for maximum people.

DVD and Blu-rays

The demands for DVD and bluray will get automatically decrease. Because its sale is increasingly going down due to newly emerge websites of movie downloading and DVD players. For gaming, people will prefer play stations of latest styles and will frequently use Netflix for streaming movies.

Higher Prices of Hotel Rooms

Developments will not only influence electronic field but rises in hotel room prices will also greatly observe. The daily average will get instant increases and people will prefer to hire small apartments in their destinations to save money.

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