Things Nobody Is Telling You About Multi-Level Marketing

Posted on Jan 6 2016 - 7:01am by Dan Radak


Avon and Oriflame are among the biggest and the best known multi-level companies. They employ thousands of people worldwide and people have quite a positive opinion about these. However, not everybody is thrilled about the MLM, but mostly because they are not familiar with everything they need to know about it. People tend to be wary of the new things that are not done in the usual way and, from time to time, they miss out on some good chances in that way. Here are the things that nobody is telling you about the MLM and you should definitely know about them.

It is Not a Scam

People usually wrongly associate the MLM with the pyramid schemes that were used to rip people off in the past. However, that is not the case with the MLM. This is a secure way of earning money based on your skills and work done. There are different ways of counting the money that you will be earning in the end of the month but it is always transparent and you can always check on your earnings.

Most of the People are Working Part Time

There are not many people who invest the full eight hour shift into the multi-level jobs, but that does not mean that they are only earning a half of the salary. Since people get some points and some percentage of the sales of the people they introduced into the MLM, they earn quite enough. However, some people choose to dedicate themselves to the MLM company of their choice full time. With more time invested come better opportunities. Therefore, if pays off to get multi level marketing training because it is an investment into your future.

There are No Borders for the MLM

One of the very interesting things about the MLM is the International spirit of these kinds of companies. Because of the way of distribution, it is not strange that the network of a successful company spreads like a wildfire over the continent. MLM can be operated globally, but it is advisable that the individual salespersons do not attempt to sell things outside their countries. It may result in different issues regarding differences in rules, laws and regulations.

You Get What You Earn and More

Once you enter an MLM company, you are presented with the earning system that you need to understand. You will be introduced with the merchandise and the payment system. You can find more people interested to work with you in the same company. The more good and quality people you employ, the better. The percentage of their earnings, or the points that are later turned into earnings, goes to you. Moreover, the people they introduce into the MLM will also help you earn more by earning more for themselves. You will not be taking pieces of their earnings, but you will be awarded by the company.

In the early years of the MLM, these companies let almost anybody become their member. This resulted in many lazy and low quality employees that gave the companies a bad name on the long run. Today, it is impossible to get this kind of job without receiving proper training and being monitored to some degree. This is a good thing because those trainings give you the chance to learn and earn more.

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