Few Things To Know Before Hiring Packers & Movers

Posted on Feb 20 2017 - 11:21am by Editorial Staff

Moving home and still have tons of packing to do? But thankfully in today’s fast paced world, we have professionals to do all the work for us! So, signing up for the movers and packers service is the obvious thing do. But hey wait. It’s not as easy as it sounds. With so many options to choose from, how do you know whom to pick?

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For instance, while there are several packers and movers in Mumbai, many of them might have limited knowledge about the industry. Before hiring packers and movers, it is a good idea to get to know a little about them. Are they worth the mettle? Are they reliable or will they land you in a soup? After all, you depend on them for safely transporting all the valuables at home like TV, fridge, microwave, AC. etc.

So play it safe and get to know few essential things before picking the right movers.

Know the cost

Shifting can anyway put you off track (quite a bit) from your regular budget. So the last thing you want is to get a huge surprise while paying the movers. Get talking to the firm and ask them their pricing policy in advance. Do they have any additional costs? Do they charge by the hour, or by volume, etc.? Clarify if you need to pay for the packing material. Finally, settle for a company which matches your budget. For instance, we tried the UrbanClap app. Movers and packers in Mumbai on UrbanClap were within our budget and hence this way we only connected with those vendors suiting our budget and other requirements.

Policy & quality of service

Anyone who’s moved house earlier will know the importance of quality of service and terms of policy. Try to assess the mover’s quality of service by asking them their packing process. If they are an experienced company, then they would have a proper labeling and itemizing process. Look for a company which not only packs your stuff in a coordinated way but also makes unpacking a painless experience. It’s also worth knowing the company policy in case of expensive and delicate goods.

Check the packing material used


You want your microwave or TV to reach you in proper working condition! Your stuff is valuable, and you need to ensure that the quality of material used for packing is new as well as safe for the type of goods being transported. Be cautious of moving companies that use old packing material to save cash.

Check customer reviews and testimonials

Happy and satisfied customer reviews and testimonials are the best guide to picking your movers and packers. The information and testimonials at mobile marketplaces are helpful in selecting the right service provider.

With the emergence of many e marketplaces for services, finding the right packers and movers isn’t that tough. However how do you know which mobile marketplace to choose? Since UrbanClap helps find vendors who perfectly fit the bill on all the essentials points- it becomes a choice of many.

With online marketplaces, the gigantic task of relocation becomes a cake walk. Shopping for packers and movers service is like picking up products from an online store. You can choose services thatfits your requirement and budget. Within few minutes,you are contacted by verified vendors, and you can fix up a chatwith them. Based on your chat, pick a mover you find most suitable. Then all you need to do is sit back and relax, as the movers get your relocation needs sorted out.

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