The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Wedding Planning

Posted on Jul 18 2018 - 7:01am by Editorial Staff

When you start planning your wedding, everyone that you know will start telling you what he or she thinks you should do. While most of these tips will be helpful, inspiring, and result in great connections, others are disasters waiting to happen.

Here are some of the worst tips that you should never follow:

You can Budget for Everything

Weddings are expensive to plan because you have to spend money on gowns like these, catering, photography, and other things. Of course, it is possible to budget for most of these items but sudden expenditures are inevitable. For instance, you might need a last minute dress alteration that you had not included in your budget. As a rule of thumb, you need to make sure that you have some extra cash to cater for unexpected costs and emergencies.

Luxury Costs More

Very few people want to have a quiet wedding. You need to make sure that your wedding is a day to remember for your guests, which means that you might spend more money. This is not always true: one of the worst pieces of advice that you will ever hear is that luxury costs more.

If you plan everything right, you will not have to spend a fortune planning a luxury wedding. The simple things that you do before the big day will make a big difference. For instance, if you book a limo months before the special day, you might end up spending less than if you hire a limo at the last minute.

Time is on Your Side

You should not let anyone convince you that time is on your side. A wedding has so much planning, which means that you have a lot to do. You have to send out invites, set a budget, and prepare everything before the big day. Instead of waiting until the last minute, you should go over your plans. You need to book your wedding limo, look for a venue, and interview caterers well in advance.

Focus on Yourself

As much as this is your big day, you should be wary of making it all about yourself. Your family and friends are also invested in your wedding and they care about the outcome.

Moreover, these people are spending their money to make your wedding a success. Even if your wedding is the perfect time to show people who you are as a couple, you should not forget about your guests.

You Don’t Need a Planner

When allocating wedding expenses, it might seem stupid to increase the costs by hiring a wedding planner. Although some brides are able to plan their own weddings successfully, you should factor in the extra time and avoidable costs that it takes. When you hire a wedding planner, you will be able to focus on other things instead of being bogged down by the minutiae of your wedding.

Moreover, a wedding planner can get you significant discounts because she or he already has relationships with different vendors.

You Don’t Need an Open Bar

Guests want to have fun at weddings and are looking let loose with a few cocktails. When you do away with an open bar, you are sending a message to your guests that they are not worth the extra cost: they might find this offensive. When your guests go out of their way to attend your wedding, you should make sure that you spend money on a bar.

Send Courtesy Invites

A courtesy invite is a money-wasting ploy. Although not all the people you invite to your wedding can be there, you still have to assume the risk. Inviting everyone that you know to your wedding will result in a large bill that you might not be able to pay. Instead of worrying about offending people, you should focus on inviting those that matter to your wedding.

Skimp on Food to Save on Money

At many weddings, the food tends to be the focal point and the guests usually talk about it long after the event ends. Even if you are working with a small budget, you should work with the caterer to come up with a pleasing menu that all your guests will enjoy. Skimping on food is one of the worst mistakes that you can make.

If kids are part of your guest list, you should consider setting up a table that has all kinds of sweets for them. Doing so will make the young ones feel included in the wedding.

Worry about Money Later

This dangerous piece of advice can leave you waist deep in debt, which is no way to start your marriage. Although weddings do call for some splurging, you should be realistic enough to stay within your means. Make sure that you create a budget that will guide your spending for the big day.

Identify the details that will require more money and find ways to take costs away from those areas that are not too important. This way, you will be ready when the bills start coming in instead of worrying about money when you want to buy your first home together or during the honeymoon.

Telling Guests That the Ceremony Commences Earlier Than It Does

Do not use your social media pages to tell your guests that the ceremony starts earlier than it does. They already have their invites, which have the right starting time. This means that spreading false start times will only serve to confuse your guests and cause a scheduling mess for the vendors.

If you are worried about guests arriving late, you should work with your wedding planner to create a solid schedule that allows for seamless flow. A professional knows the amount of time that he or she should allow to ensure that the guests are seated in time.

If you want to plan a successful wedding, you should ignore the above pieces of advice. Even with great advice, not everything will go according to plan, which means that you should start planning early enough.

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